Fednor Edmond & His Family's Story
"When you buy Just Haiti coffee,
you are buying their coffee!" 
This is the story of Fednor Édmond. He lives in a small village called Cap-a -Four, in the Carcasse section of the Grand Anse department, on the far western side of Haiti. Fednor and his family are part of the farmer association called APCCA; they have been members for more than five years.
Fednor and his wife have five children: 2 boys and 3 girls. He has 3 small plots of land where he grows coffee and other trees. Fednor describes the partnership with Just Haiti: "When I send my coffee through Just Haiti to sell in the US, I receive a double profit because, I receive more money for my coffee than the price of the local market, and after that I receive another profit from Just Haiti after they sell my coffee.  
When I receive the money for my coffee, I invest a part in the land, the other part I use to take care of my family. From the profit I receive from Just Haiti for my coffee, I pay the schooling of my children, and health care for the family when it is necessary. I also can buy food and clothing for my family.
In 2016, when we had disaster in my village as a result of Hurricane Matthew, Just Haiti was the first association that came to help us. My family and I love Just Haiti. It is a good activity to help us in the development of our coffee business and the production of coffee in the country.
"When you buy Just Haiti coffee,
you are buying his coffee!"
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