Coffee Grower; Mrs. Vilson Davilus 
"When you buy Just Haiti coffee,
you are buying her coffee!"
3/$75, 6/$150, 12/$300
My name is Mrs. Vilson Davilus.
I have 5 children; 3 girls and 2 boys.
"I am a member of the coffee association called OPCDEL. I live in the town of Totoye in the commune of Belladeres Lem.
The first amount of coffee I sent to Just Haiti was 4.5 pounds. This year I sent 100 pounds of coffee!
Before working with Just Haiti, I used to sell coffee to people in the Dominican Republic. They would buy the coffee from me, then send it to other countries. When many Dominican coffee sellers learned the high price they received, they wanted to have all the coffee they could take from us.
But we were not receiving a fair price from Dominican buyers.  
Now thanks to Just Haiti we get more money for the coffee we sell.
When I used to receive the coffee payment from Dominican Republic customers, I could only pay for small things for the family and do more gardening.
Now when I receive the money I make from Just Haiti coffee, I pay for my children's schools, I pay to clean my coffee gardens, I buy food and I pay for hospitals for my kids and myself when we are sick.
I tell Just Haiti thanks for my efforts with my family in economic matters.
Thank you JUST HAITI!"
"When you buy Just Haiti coffee,
you are buying her coffee!"
Drink Coffee!
Grow Justice!