Petuel Bruce & His Family's Story
Petuel Bruce and his family are part of a coffee farmer organization called "Kafe Devlopman Barade" (KDB) since 1997 in the Nippes department in the commune of Baraderes in a village called Kafou Mita.
KDB has been partnering with Just Haiti since 2008.  
The first shipment of coffee was in November 2008 for 26 pounds, and this family contributed 3 pounds!
The Bruce family owns three small parcels of land, but now has only one piece of land covered with coffee and other plants.  
The reason for this decrease is because of hurricanes and flooding that come every year, which is the effect of climate change.  
The Bruce family is responsible for seven children, all of them girls! Thanks to the profit received after the sale of coffee by Just Haiti the Bruce family is now able to pay for the school fees of all seven children each year.
Petuel says: "I am now able to take care of my family and bring them to the hospital when they need it. I also use this money to take care of my garden. Thanks to this activity with Just Haiti, I built a new, stronger home that can cope with the storms and hurricanes that occur every year.
Also my daughter, Marie, is enjoying a half scholarship in agronomy financed by Just Haiti. She will begin her final year of agronomy studies this coming fall. This partnership with KDB is for me one of the most positive things in the organization. 
In addition I received seedlings to enlarge and rebuild my cafe garden devastated by the hurricane in October 2016.

Thank you Just Haiti for accompaniment in the coffee culture in Haiti in particular in Baraderes.

This year I have already sent 50 pounds."
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