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Craig Eichler & Ana Legacy

Name: Craig Eichler
Hometown: Berlin
Age: 35
Local Program: Androscoggin River Athletes
Sports: Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, Golf & Snowshoe

Craig Eichler has been involved in Special Olympics for as long as he can remember. Craig is an upbeat, enthusiastic, friendly man. He is THRILLED to be representing New Hampshire at the 2018 USA Games in Seattle where he will compete in Unified Golf with his dad. 

The 2018 games will be Craig’s second national competition. He attended the 2010 Games in Nebraska where he competed in bocce. 

Craig is hoping to take home gold in Seattle. When asked what it takes to get a gold, he explained “You have to focus and train hard…and you have to do it every day.”
Name: Ana Legacy
Age: 19
Hometown: Bedford
Local Program: Bedford Bobcats
Sports: Basketball

Ana Legacy loves basketball! She plays unified basketball with her Local Program (Bedford Bobcats) as well as with her high school (Bedford High School).

When Ana started in Special Olympics basketball was new to her. She began competing in individual skills competition, an event for athletes who have not yet mastered all of the fundamentals required for full or half court play. During competition, athletes rotate through various stations designed to test their abilities in passing, dribbling and shooting. Ana and her parents recalled her first competition fondly. Ana had trained hard and as she moved through the stations it became clear that she and one other athlete, a boy from Nashua, were neck and neck for first place. Ana’s parents waited with baited breath as the results were calculated. When Ana took home the gold medal they were filled with pride. 

Today, Ana is playing both full and half court competition…and still making mom and dad proud! After each point, Ana looks to the bleachers where she finds mom and dad who give her a thumbs up. Ana then heads down the court to play defense, dabbing on her way – just like Steph Curry, her favorite basketball player.