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Meet Dave Brereton, the new International Director of Youth for Christ, in this short video chat.
Dave Brereton became the International Director of Youth for Christ on 1 January of this year. Take a few minutes to watch this video as Dave tells of his history with Youth for Christ, his new role as the International Director, and the future of Youth for Christ. To watch the video, click the image above. You can also read the full text of the video below.

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Thank you for all that you are doing to reach the youth of this world with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

You are loved,
John Bastian

PS - Coming next week: an announcement about General Assembly 2020!
Full text of the video:
John Bastian: Well hello everyone, John Bastian here from Youth for Christ International Office in Denver, and great to be here today with Dave Brereton, our new International Director. I'm the CFO here at Youth for Christ International and last year I had the privilege to serve you, our international family of Youth for Christ, in an interim leadership role, so of all people I'm probably most excited about having Dave on board and we just wanted to give you a couple minutes to get to know Dave as we're getting to know him here in Colorado. So Dave, you've been around the Youth for Christ family for about 20 years now, can you tell us a little bit about your history?

Dave Brereton: Sure. We got to know Youth for Christ in the early 90s; we loved the organisation because it loved kids and the people in it thought an awful lot like Katie and I think. Katie and I have made our family out of foster children from inner-city Montreal and we found in YFC a family that just loves the kind of kids that we love. I started as a financial partner supporting a local YFC staffperson. I went on to be the Executive Director in Montreal, that's in Canada, from 1995 to 2000. Then I served on Boards for the early 2000s and ended up as the National Director in Canada from 2006 until now and started in January, January 1st this year, as your International Director, or President/CEO.

John: Fantastic. So, you've had all of four months now, so what have you been up to?

Dave: It has been exhausting but lots of fun. I love the people, love the opportunity to now really embrace the larger family. It actually started about six months ago, when we were down in Jamaica, meeting with the leadership team and the Board in November and celebrating a major milestone for Jamaica Youth for Christ. In this year so far, we've been to Guatemala, we've been to Denver lots of times and seen other ministry sites around the country, and it's been a good time to get to know the Board, to get to know the leadership team, and to get to know all the folks in Denver that are serving so faithfully the worldwide movement.

John: And it sounds like for the rest of this year you have plans to visit some of the other Areas in our Youth for Christ family. Is that right?

Dave: Yes indeed! We are planning to, in the next 12 to 18 months, I expect to be in all four Areas around the world. We've got some of those trips organised and some of them still on the drawing board, but Lord willing I will be in your Area of the world sometime in the next 12 to 18 months.

John: Alright, great. Well now that you've seen a little bit and have four months under your belt, can you give us any of your plans, what you see for the future of Youth for Christ?

Dave: I just would tell you at this point, I love you guys, I am honored to serve you, I believe that collectively we will discern the way forward and that God will enable us by his Spirit to reach more and more kids with the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ. And as a wrap I'd love to just pray for you guys. Let's pray. Father we just thank you for this worldwide movement of Youth for Christ. Thank you for this work that started with Billy Graham so many years ago and continues on in 2018. Thank you for all of those staff and volunteers that you call to this ministry around the world and Father we just pray today for the empowering of your Holy Spirit. We pray that you would renew us and refresh us in the call to evangelism, to proclaim boldly the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that you would bind us together in unity and we ask, Father, and we claim your presence with us. We pray together in the powerful name of Jesus, amen.

John: Well thanks everyone for spending a couple minutes with us. We're really excited about having Dave as a part of the team and I think as you get to know him better you're going to be just as excited. We love you, thanks for all you're doing, God bless.

Dave: God bless.