Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 18

Debra Harrington & Meghan Lawlor
Name: Debra Harrington
Age: 51
Hometown: Nashua
Local Program: PLUS Pride
Sports: Athletics, Basketball & Softball

Debra Harrington has been a part of Special Olympics for four years now and she has thoroughly enjoyed it. Debra's favorite sport is basketball. Due to some recent challenges with her vision, Debra was not able to partiicpate as an athelte this year. Instead she took on the role of assistant coach. Debra really enjoyed helping the players on her team and watching them develop their skills and become even better athletes.

Debra said that Special Olympics is “a really excellent program from individuals with disabilities. It teaches them how to play as a team and it teaches them good sportsmanship.” Since joining the Special Olympics four years ago Debra has not only learned a lot as an athlete, but also she has learned a lot of life lessons as well. She explained that, “I have learned how to become more of team player and Special Olympics has really helped me to get better at talking and socialize with people.” Debra believes she has grown a lot since starting with Special Olympics and she looks forward to continuing that growth in the years to come. 
Name: Meghan Lawlor
Age: 22
Hometown: Bedford
Local Program: Bedfrod Bobcats
Sports: Athletics, Basketball & Bowling

Meghan Lawlor's favorite sport is bowling. When asked why she loves to bowl she simply said, “Because bowling is fun!” Bowling is her favorite thing about Special Olympics, but she also enjoys talking to her friends and meeting new people.

Curretly, Meghan is looking forward to athletics, where she competes in running, jumping, and throwing events. She is also really looking forward to practice, which starts next Wednesday and she is especially excited to start jumping again. She is also really looking forward to the 2018 State Summer Games. She said that, “It is really nice to be with all of her friends and compete.”