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According to conventional wisdom, there are two subjects you're never supposed to mention if you want to keep the peace at a dinner party. You know what they are: religion and politics. And we all know that when those two subjects come together, it can make for some rather explosive results.

That's exactly what happened in 1776 - although the religious dimension of our American Revolution has largely dropped out of today's history books. That means the most important religious figure in the Continental Congress has largely disappeared from our national consciousness as well.

He was the Presbyterian minister, Dr. John Witherspoon - then President of the College of New Jersey, which later became both Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary. He was one of New Jersey's signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Dr. Witherspoon's legacy was enormously important for the development of the young United States of America. From among his students at Princeton came 37 judges (three of whom served on the U.S. Supreme Court), 10 Cabinet members, 12 members of the Continental Congress, 28 U.S. Senators and 49 members of the House of Representatives. And he wasn't even native-born in the American colonies: he had emigrated from Scotland in his 40s.

You may be surprised to know how completely Dr. Witherspoon mixed religion and politics in his sermons. Yes, the result was - predictably - explosive. It led to armed revolution and the founding of our nation. But it's hard to imagine our nation's struggle for independence succeeding without him.

In my sermon this Sunday, I'll try to rehabilitate John Witherspoon's reputation as a patriot of the first rank, deserving a place alongside Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton and so many others we think about when we hear that word. Join us!

Sunday Worship
July 8, 2018

“So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.”
-John 8:36

Dr. Wilton's sermon title this Sunday is "Meet Dr. Witherspoon" based on Psalm 76 and John 8:31-36 . Come and enjoy Jim Goldsworthy play pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach. After worship, be sure to stop by the Gladish Room for a glass of lemonade and some fellowship. Join us for our 10:15AM worship!
Basket Day Update

The results are in--after all expenses were deducted the Net Contribution from Basket Day 2018 is $25,444! Thank you to all who worked tirelessly to make this year's event such a huge success!
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Sunday, July 8 - Sandi & Rich Ramsay
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Sunday, July 29 - Georgie Schley


Pictured above are the newly-elected Co-Moderators of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly, Elder Vilmarie Cintrón-Olivieri and the Rev. Cindy Kohlmann. During the next two years, they will be serving as the denomination's national leaders and spokeswomen for the General Assembly, interpreting its actions around the country and abroad.

The General Assembly News Service has provided a helpful summary of what went on at the General Assembly , which is our denomination's highest council, or governing body. The General Assembly meets every two years. The next Assembly will be June 20-27, 2020, in Baltimore - it will be close enough for folks from this part of the country to visit easily, so mark your calendar!
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