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As we approach the launch of 40 Days for Life and come closer to the all-important 2014 Senate election, Mary's article reminds us that we must step out of our comfort zone this fall to defend life.

As you know, the stakes are high.  Will we be a witness to life when a young mom is looking for a sign?  Will our presence save the life of a baby like Emmett?  Will we be the voice that will educate other voters?

Remember, this fall, THEIR future is in our hands.  It is up to us to protect them!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,  
Benjamin Clapper
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If you have turned on your TV lately, you know the Senate election is right around the corner.  You can't watch for five minutes without seeing ads by multiple candidates.

When it comes to the Senate election, please help us educate Louisiana voters on how our candidates stand on life by requesting and distributing our voter education cards. 



Life Chains

Life Chains will be formed in communities across the U.S. on Oct. 5. This is the event's 27th year.


Life Chain is a peaceful and prayerful public witness of pro-life individuals standing and praying for the nation and for an end to abortion. It is a visible statement of solidarity by the Christian community that abortion kills children and that the nation's churches support the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death.


For a complete schedule of Life Chain events in Louisiana,

Register for Chers Bebes

Please join us at Chers B�b�s; help preserve the pro-life legacy of Acadiana!

Registration is open for Chers B�b�s: Acadiana's Soiree for Life. The event will be held Oct. 21 at the City Club in River Ranch and benefits the Drs. Zerben Bienvenu and William Smith Education Fund.
Sen. Jonathan Perry

This fun-filled evening will feature:

* Music by the band Forest Huval and Friends 

* Comedy of  Sen. Jonathan Perry: The Cajun Comedian 

* Baby Shower Games 

* Moon Griffon of 96.5 as Guest Master of Ceremony


The Smith and Bienvenu Fund aims to educate thousands of middle school and high school students across Acadiana through interactive school-based presentations and activities. Through these efforts, we can strengthen the pro-life spirit of Acadiana for generations to come!

Click here to be directed to our secure registration page.
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Meet Emmett, Saved through 40 Days for Life
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone this fall!
by Mary Nadeau, New Orleans Projects Director

Baby Emmett In October 2013, Emmett's mother was being pressured to have an abortion. She scheduled an appointment at the abortion facility in Metairie, but when she arrived she was surprised to find people standing peacefully outside. One woman handed her some materials and told her she'd be praying for her and her baby. Emmett's mother left that day and eventually decided not to have the abortion.

Today, Emmett and his mom are happy and healthy. But if it had not been for the calm and compassionate presence of those individuals outside the abortion facility that day, Emmett may not be here with us. While they may not know the impact they had that day, they saved Emmett's life, all because they stepped out of their comfort zone.


Every year we are confronted with the legalized slaughter of 1.3 million human beings, and I think each of us can acknowledge that we are not doing as much as we would if 1.3 million born persons were being killed every year. If 24 born persons were being legally and brutally killed every day in Louisiana, wouldn't we have a greater sense of urgency?


Our involvement often lacks one very important quality: We are unwilling to go beyond our comfort zones. Perhaps we will take a step or two beyond it, but we have our limits. This is what prevents many of us from being present to the suffering men and women at abortion facilities. Every day women choose life simply because someone took the time and trouble to be a prayerful sign of hope to them, to let them know they are not alone and that there are other options.


"But if I go to the abortion facility people will see me." "If I go people may mock me." Do any of these considerations really compare with the possibility that even one child might be allowed to live? Do any of them absolve us from taking a certain amount of responsibility for what is happening in our community's back yard? Yes, some people will be unsettled by your presence and may be unkind. But that is not a sign of failure. Quite the opposite is true.


Any positive change requires a measure of sacrifice. To lose weight or attain a degree or buy a house we know we must be willing to be uncomfortable at times.

Throughout history, change has only come because enough individuals recognized the call and necessity of bursting that bubble of safety, security, and comfort. The only way that abortion will end, the only way the intrinsic value of the elderly, disabled, impoverished, and marginalized will be recognized in our nation, is if we are willing to take a stand that is both visible and sacrificial, because doing so awakens our communities from apathy like nothing else can.


That is precisely what is so powerful about a campaign like 40 Days for Life. Nearly 9,000 women have chosen not to go through with their abortion as a result of this campaign of prayer and presence. That's almost 9,000 children alive today who would have never been born. That's 9,000 women who were spared the pain and heartache of abortion. In addition, 83 workers have walked away from their jobs in the abortion industry, and last month the 40th abortion facility in a 40 Days for Life community shut down completely. Half a million volunteers in 19 countries and 501 cities around the world, including three in Louisiana (Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Shreveport-Bossier City) have decided that enough is enough and that comfort zones are overrated.


It is this very call to step out in courage, boldness, and humility that makes 40 Days for Life so powerful. When we go past our fears of what others will think and say, when we ignore the physical discomfort we experience, and when we joyfully make the commitment of our time, energy, and talents, miracles happen. Hearts are changed. Lives, like Emmett's, are saved.


See below how you can make a difference through 40 Days for Life Louisiana! 

40 Days for Life Launches September 24th!
This year's international 40 Days for Life campaign will take place from Sept. 24 to Nov. 2. In Louisiana campaigns are being held in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport.

All are encouraged to join the over 600,000 participants worldwide in this life-saving ministry. Participants are particularly encouraged to "make it personal" - to make a 40-day prayer and/or fasting commitment and to be a repeated presence at their local vigils throughout the 40 days (not only on the day their church or group adopts.) This 40-day commitment is scripture-based, and continuous prayer and presence (especially when united with others from all around the world) makes an incredible difference. 


Preparations continue as churches and other groups plan vigils at area abortion facilities during the 40 days, and several events have been planned. Some vigil times are still available for churches and other groups to adopt. Click here for more information.




Kickoff Rally

Thursday, Sept. 25 at 2:15 p.m.

Cypress Heights Academy,
10420 Barringer Foreman Road


Prayer petitions, songs and balloon Rosary. Speaker will be Kandace Landreneau, youth programs director for Louisiana Right to Life. 


Candlelight Prayer Service

Monday, Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. 
St. George Catholic Church, 7808 St. George Drive


Music by Rendell James, Director of Music
for St. George.
  Speakers include Angie Thomas, Woman's New Life Center; Rev. Todd Lloyd, Immaculate Conception in Lakeland; and Clelie Carpenter,
a Pro-Life Leader at Bethany.


For more information, call Danielle Van Haute
at 225- 242-0164.


Baton Rouge Prayer Breakfast

Tuesday, Oct. 7,  7:30 a.m.

Woodlawn Baptist Church (5805 Jones Creek Road)


Admission is free, but seating is limited.
Call event sponsor Mike Walker and Associates at 225-291-1117 to make reservations. Deadline for reservations is Friday, Oct. 3.


For more information call Marti Luke at 225-572-5959
or email



For more information on Baton Rouge events, call Campaign Director Charlotte Bergeron at 225-229-7135 or email  




Free Sidewalk Counseling Training

Thursday, Sept. 18, 7-9 p.m. 

Louisiana Right to Life office, 7121 Catina St. 


Yvette Fouchi will train attendees in the ministry of sidewalk counseling and inspire those attending to step out of their comfort zones to reach out to those in need.


Kickoff Rally

Tuesday, Sept. 23, 6-7 p.m., at the proposed

Planned Parenthood site (4636 S. Claiborne Ave.) 


Among those speaking will be the
Rev. Jimmie Autry, pastor of Cornerstone Church,
and Campaign Director Mary Nadeau Reed.   


Closing Vigil

Monday, Nov. 3, 6 p.m., at the proposed Planned Parenthood site (4636 S. Claiborne Ave.) 

4 Days Left that Need Adoption
Groups are encouraged to reserve of the four days that remain open: Wednesday, Sept. 24, Friday, Sept. 26, Sunday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Oct. 5. 

For more information on the New Orleans campaign, contact Mary Nadeau Reed at 504-835-6520
or email

Kickoff Rally
Saturday, Sept. 20, 6 p.m.
Messmer Stadium (2550 Clyde Fant Parkway)

Speakers include Lisa Gould, director of the Northwest Louisiana Pregnancy Care Center, and Cassie Hammett, director of The Hub Ministries.

Midpoint Rally
Saturday, Oct. 11, 10 a.m.
Sidewalk at corner of Kings and Centenary

Closing Candelight Vigil
Sunday, Nov. 2, 5 p.m.
Sidewalk at corner of Kings and Centenary

For more information on Shreveport/Bossier City events, call campaign director Chris Davis at 318-349-3279
or email

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