Eric Butler, 2019 Keynote Speaker
Renowned restorative justice practitioner and trainer Eric Butler believes in the power of relationship-building as a healing practice. A Hurricane Katrina survivor, Eric relocated to Oakland where he rebuilt his life, facilitating grief circles in response to homicide and extreme violence in area schools.

Eric went on to work as a Lead Mediator with Youth Uprising, and from there gained prominence for his impactful school-based work with Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth.

Eric’s pioneering and transformational approach to conflict work — which hinges on the tremendous power of conversation — has been documented by publications like the New York Times , and most recently, by the award-winning feature film, CIRCLES .

Today, Eric continues to practice and advocate for restorative justice in his community, while working as an educator and activist expanding the reach of restorative practices around the globe.

Eric teaches that restorative practices are not just tools to be used in schools or in courts: they also offer a way of being that helps communities connect, heal, and make peace and long-lasting change.
CIRCLES: The film about Eric and the youth he serves
San Francisco Conflict Resolution Center
Founded in 1976, Community Boards operates the oldest nonprofit conflict resolution center in the US. As a restorative justice organization, they offer a wide array of conflict resolution services: mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation, plus a range of trainings. Community Boards maintains a pool of +450 highly skilled volunteer Community Mediators. Mediations are provided in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. They strive to keep their services accessible: sliding scale and waived fees, negotiated contract discounts, and training scholarships.