Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 12

Ethan Brown & Siobhan Fields
Name: Ethan Brown
Age: 14
Hometown: Manchester
Local Program: Team Uncanoonuc
Sports: Athletics,

Ethan Brown has been participating in Special Olympics for three years now and has really enjoyed the competition. He will actually be attending the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle this year and could not be more excited. Ethan will be competing in athletics and when asked what his favorite event was he quickly responded, “shot put”. He explained that he likes it because, “it’s a good way of testing your arm strength and see how far you can chuck it.” Ethan is most looking forward to meeting new friendly people and traveling. He is beyond excited to go on a plane for the first time and see what Washington State looks like.
Ethan’s favorite thing about Special Olympics is meeting new people and getting the opportunity to travel to different parts of the state and, in his case, even country. When he is competing at an event he said, “It feels nice, but I cannot even really describe how it feels.” Since joining Special Olympics, Ethan explained that he has won eight medals, but gets “nervous” every time he goes up on the medal stand. But Ethan went on to say that he is, “really proud of winning those medals.” Ethan is really looking forward to working hard and getting himself ready for his upcoming events.
Name: Siobhan Fields
Age: 29
Hometown: Nashua
Local Program: PLUS Pride
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Bowling, Snowshoeing & Swimming

Siobhan Fields competes in quite the number of sports, and she loves them all equally. She started competing in Special Olympics events when she was about eight years old and has never looked back. Siobahn’s mother told us that through Special Olympics Siobahnh has “grown so much.” She went on to further explain that, “She has become a little more independent and she has a lot more pride in herself.” In addition, Siobahn is a very outgoing person and she loves to mingle and meet as many athletes as possible. She has a bubbly personality and her mother mentioned that, “Everybody that meets her, falls in love with her.”
But there have also been challenges for Siobahn, like dealing with the passing of her twin sister. Although it was tough to deal with she kept moving forward. Siobahn really enjoys keeping busy. She is a super active individual and is always looking forward to the next Special Olympics event. Her and her family’s fondest memories with the Special Olympics will always be the Opening Ceremonies at the Summer Games. She just loves the atmosphere, excitement, and the people that are at the games. Siobahn is very excited for her next opportunity with Special Olympics and cannot wait to get started.