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Michael Duncan is a member of Pilot N Paws Pet Rescue Service
Michael Duncan

What is your current job and what do you do? Serial Entrepreneur and (part-
time) as Regional Consultant for Longwood University's Small Business
Development Center network.

What roles have you held with FIRST or FIRST Chesapeake? I've been a
FIRST Chesapeake board member for a long time (someone else will have to tell
me how long) and am now the Treasurer. I have, through my companies, been a
team sponsor, too.

Why did you decide to become a board member and what have you learned
since joining the board? A team came to me needing sponsorship and I like
people that make things. Then someone asked if I would serve on the board, and I
said yes. Science, technology, engineering and math are my passions. I have
learned a great deal - especially about how hard everyone works to make FIRST
Chesapeake successful. Our board is an incredibly diverse and focused team. It
is an honor to serve with my fellow board members.

What was your most interesting or oddest job? My best job is getting myself
from place to place, rescuing animals, creating experiences for young people,
and serving my nation and the Commonwealth of Virginia - most often in my plane. I love to fly so I make it a part of every role I play - father, grandfather, business owner, board member and Civil Air Patrol member.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self? "Relax, it will all work
out in the end. Have faith and patience." Two things I could have used more of
when I was younger.

What have you learned from working from home these past few weeks?
That even in troubled times, it all boils down to people. Take care of the people -
because that is what God wants us to do - and the rest will work out.

What are you doing with your spare time? Serving on this board. :)

If you could build a time machine and fast forward 5 years, what would you
like to see happening at FIRST Chesapeake? Teams in every school in DC, Maryland and Virginia!

What is one thing that most people don't know about you?  I sang in a choir at the Kennedy Center in 1976 with Aaron Copland conducting the National Symphony Orchestra to a standing-room-only audience.
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