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Farish with sons Landon and Cameron in 2017

Farish Perlman

When did you start volunteering with FIRST Chesapeake and why?  I started volunteering with FIRST 8 years ago when my older son joined Team 1389. I began co-running the team 6 years ago.

What roles have you tried?  For Team 1389, my "official" title is lead admin mentor, but this basically encompasses everything other than a technical mentor. For roles at events, Team 1389 has hosted multiple FTC and FRC events of which I have been part of the  planning/organizational process as well as day of volunteer coordinator responsibilities. For the last two years I have been the volunteer food organizer for the FIRST Chesapeake District Champs event. This year I have also been part of the inaugural Team Advisory Committee.

What is your favorite memory from volunteering with FIRST I do not have one favorite memory, but really it is seeing how excited both the students from my team and others get and when they come up to me to let me know something awesome that happened or that something they thought was going to be a challenge that ended up working. I truly feed off their excitement and passion. 

What was your first job, and what do you do now?  My first job was as an exporter in the shipping industry. I am currently a real estate agent. (I was an English major.)

If you had a time machine and could travel back in time, what advice would you give your younger self? While there are things in life that are serious, not everything is serious, enjoy yourself, laugh, and do things that you want to do, not necessarily what others want you to do.

What was your favorite FIRST season?  I cannot say that I have one favorite season since I was lucky enough to have one of my two sons on the team for 6 of my 8 years. That being said, getting to go to Worlds in St. Louis in 2016 with the team and winning a blue banner in 2017 are standouts for me.

What are you doing with your spare time now that you are quarantined?

I have been working, baking, cleaning, walking, working out, and reading. I am not great at having a lot of down time, so while I can fill up my days, I love that a lot of the time is spent by doing things that I want to do. (I do miss the robotics season.)


What is your favorite pet, dessert, and breakfast dish?  I am a dog lover!

Love a good tart lemon bar for dessert. I love breakfast, but would much rather eat it for brunch, and I love all the breakfast things.


What is one thing people don't know about you?  Math & science were my hardest subjects in school, I loved music and was in musical theatre

Having been born and raised in DC, for better or worse, I am a die-hard DC sports fan (yelling at the TV is why my family can barely stand to watch sports with me anymore.)


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