Thank you for sharing your Monday morning with me. This weeks author connection is Gay N. Lewis who has written a story about a very difficult subject. Just ask her editor--me. Gay worked very hard to deal with the subjects of spousal abuse and divorce, and I'm so glad you get to meet her today. Our reader spotlight is on Ann Peachman Stewart, a care giver, a writer, and a reader.
Author Connection:

Gay N. Lewis lives in Fulshear, a small town west of Houston. She loves to travel and engage in artistic ventures. Two videos she produced — The Canadian Rockies , English and Japanese translations, and  Psalms from the Mountains , sold well in international markets. Graphic skills kept her busy as a portrait photographer, and for over ten years, she used her imaginative insight in the interior design field.
As a pastor’s wife, she writes Faith Features for various church periodicals. She also writes articles for Texas Hill Country. Gay is also a published author for Pelican Book Group in romance and fantasy fiction. Gay's books are available in print, eBook, and audio. For more information, please go to  http ://  Gay would love to have you see her video trailers and become a follower of her blog. .

Why Gay believes readers will enjoy her work?

Wow! Interesting question! Back in the day, I struggled to understand my brand—my marketing tag. I asked a group of authors what I was known for and the overwhelming answers were, “Faith and humor.” Bingo! That’s what I enjoy, and I believe my readers do, too. I write for the Christian audience, and my fans tell me they like what I offer. That’s good validation.

My new book, a historical novel, Mattie’s Choice, doesn’t have much humor but Mattie and her friend, Ella, live with a lot of faith. There were times during the Great Depression when faith was all they had. I sprinkled humor in the book, too, but Mattie is more of a thought-provoking read. Mattie’s Choice is the first book I wrote, but it’s not the first one to be published. I also have novels that feature Sarah, a bumbling angel.
In Mattie’s Choice, a historical novel, many of the incidents occurred to family members. Authors write what we know. Sometimes the events are humorous, and sometimes they are sad. I don’t know the number of fans I have, but I believe they all enjoy Sarah. Mattie’s Choice is a serious offering from me. I think they will like it, too.

Faith and Humor. That’s me.
Reader Connection:

I first met Ann Peachman Stewart at a writer's conference here in Florida. She was a long way from home. Ann is also an author--a very good one, and the story she shared with me was near and dear to my heart as it deals with Alzheimer's in a realistic fashion. But that wasn't all the story was about. Join me in praying that Ann's work can find a home as I know her writing will be a great ministry.

In what state or region do you reside?
Mississauga, a large city outside of Toronto, Canada.

Besides reading, what is of major interest to you?
I am passionate about eldercare, knit and cook for recreation and gifts, and love my puppy, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Teddy. My blog is called Small Miracles . I blog every Wednesday about caregiver issues, and occasionally about other subjects that touch me.

What is your favourite genre, and why.
I love all kinds of fiction. I want to be taken away from my life and into the world of fascinating characters.

What is the book that you consider your all-time favourite?
I would have to say,  Anne of Green Gables . Besides being a Canadian classic with a Canadian setting, Anne is just an interesting, multi-faceted character. I want to fall in love with a character, bite my nails when they are getting into scrapes, and say, “Ahhhh” at the end of the book. Anne does all that and makes me laugh and cry, too.

What book are you reading right now?
Although not for recreation, I am reading Dementia Beyond Drugs by Dr. Alan Power. His passion for respectful eldercare that thinks outside the institutional box, is inspiring.
Fay Lamb Connection
Those who know me are aware that I have had a long three month journey, which began at the end of June when I went to clean our vacation home in North Carolina. From there, life tumbled downhill. My mother-in-law, stricken with Alzheimer's, had an incident that placed her in the hospital and into a nice assisted-living facility. I cleaned and then sold the NC home, and then I returned home and we quickly sold my mother-in-law's Florida home. That resulted in moving two more houses into our one house. A lot of emotions come when you are dismantling a person's life while they are still among you, and my husband and I tried our best to keep my mother-in-law's memories for her.

If you have a moment today, I hope you will join me in prayer for the victims of Alzheimer's, an insidious disease that steals a person's life and their personality, and for the families who have had to watch their loved ones drift away.