October | November 2016
  • Meet ITK Champion - Nicola Wissler, Visalia Chamber of Commerce
  • Save the Date for these 2017 Events! Growing Health Leaders Conference + Gas Company Challenge
  • Thank You for Joining us for INNOVATORS BY DESIGN 2016
  • SunPower Summer Solar Energy Academy Report - now available
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  • The Workforce Investment Board of Tulare County's 2016 Annual Report
An Interview with Nicola Wissler

Anyone who knows Nicola Wissler knows she's been a long-time advocate of work-based learning, youth entrepreneurship and leadership, and supporting businesses to access a quality workforce. 

This month we interviewed Nicola about her beginnings, how she defines success, her role models and all the great initiatives she leads at the  Visalia Chamber of Commerce.

Please describe your involvement with ITK and career and college readiness. Why do you think it's important?

I have been involved with ITK almost since the beginning. As a representative of the Visalia Chamber we understand the importance of making sure that the voice of business is heard and understood by educators. For many years we have had employers approach us saying that they cannot find "qualified" employees or that employees were missing certain skills. Our role has been helping to connect employers with advisory boards and work based learning coordinators to make sure that their concerns are heard and that they have the opportunity to offer their expertise to those working in the classrooms. We see ITK as an important collaboration between business and education and know that collaboration is the key to a thriving economy in the future.

Save the Date for these 2017 Events! 

Growing Health Leaders Conference + 
Gas Company Challenge

February 23, 2017
Registration opens November 16, 2016 and ends December 16, 2016.

March 24, 2017
Registration deadline is March 3. 
Thank you for joining us at INNOVATORS BY DESIGN 2016!

We appreciate all of the time, energy, and passion that made the event possible! It was invigorating to experience the diversity of the regional and local teams this topic drew to Visalia.

A special thanks goes to  Anne Stanton , Executive Director of NAF's Future Ready Venture, for leading our lunch plenary conversation on engaging employers large and small to create opportunities for our students. 

We're also grateful for the VUSD's Golden West High School student team for greeting and participating in our event.

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2016 SunPower Solar Energy Report is now available
"SunPower is proud of this relationship not only because it was the first school district partner who asked us to their CTE education initiatives, but because Innovate TK has been a leader in innovative, effective and game-changing CTE education programming!"

- Renee Solari, Program Manager, Educational Services at SunPower Corporation

Get your October Workforce Data! 
The Workforce Investment Board of Tulare County's 2016 Annual Report

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