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Jeremy Colter & Shane Cox
Name: Jeremy Colter
Age: 30
Hometown: Lebanon
Local Program: Upper Valley Hawks
Sports: Basketball

For Jeremy Colter Special Olympics has always made a big impact on his life. When Jeremy was a child doctors told him he would not be able to walk or talk. His parents searched and searched for doctors that would help him and they eventually found some that would help Jeremy. Between the ages of five and six Jeremy was able to walk and talk, but all the kids in school doubted his abilities and they were telling him that he would not be able to do a lot of things. He took those doubts and used it as “fuel” to push himself and prove everyone wrong. The mantra that he lives his life by is, “never give up.” By staying positive and using other people’s doubt as fuel, Jeremy was able to succeed and show people his capable of anything he puts his mind too.

In 2017, Jeremy won an honorary ESPY for his hard work and dedication to Special Olympics. When Jeremy received the award he thought that it was, “special in a way that words cannot even describe.” He believes that it was a great experience to receive the award and went on to further explain that, “being a part of the Special Olympics has really changed my life and really helped me to be able to give back to others and change their lives too.” He enjoys talking to people about life’s challenges and gives people that extra push that they may not have and help them get on the path to success.

Today, Jeremy enjoys refereeing basketball games and is even going to be refereeing at the 2018 USA Games in Seattle. When asked about what he wants to do in the future Jeremy responded saying that he, “Always wants to be a part of the Special Olympics.” In addition, he also wants to become more involved with school unified sports and become a public speaker for the Special Olympics. 
Name: Shane Cox
Age: 17
Hometown: Hampton
Local Program: Exeter Area Athletes
Sports: Bowling, Athletics & Swimming

Shane Cox has been involved with Special Olympics since the age of eight years old. He first found out about Special Olympics when he was taking swimming lessons and his coach at the time told him about the organization and that he should look into joining. Today, Shane enjoys participating in bowling, athletics, and swimming, but his favorite sport is athletics. His favorite event is the javelin throw, but he also participates in the 50 meter run, 100 meter run, and the standing long jump.

Since joining Special Olympics, Shane has won a plethora of medals in all of the sports that he competes in and he believes these medals are his biggest accomplishments in Special Olympics. He really enjoys winning medals as they make him very proud because he has put in a lot of effort and hard work. His favorite thing about Special Olympics is seeing all of his old friends and the people associated with the Exeter Area Athletes team. His favorite moment with Special Olympics is the Opening Ceremonies and the Summer Games. Shane is really looking forward to competing in the coming months and cannot wait for his practices to start.