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Jerrold "Jerry" Rubin, Treasurer

St. Anne's Mead Board of Trustees

Jerry Rubin recently participated in the National Tennis Championships in Arizona with his "Over 65-Year-Old" team. When he's not playing tennis, traveling with is wife, Dale, or spending time with his five grandchildren, Jerry oversees the fiscal fitness of St. Anne's Mead as Treasurer.

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About Jerry

As an engineer, Jerry spent the majority of his career as an international manufacturing manager for American, Asian and European employers.

After he retired in 2008, his desire to travel and perform public service led him to USAID, where he became a Foreign Service Officer advising foreign governments on infrastructure and job creation projects. Jerry worked via U.S. Embassies in Central Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Coming to St. Anne's Mead

Jerry had a friend with Parkinson's disease who lived at St. Anne's Mead (SAM). He visited him frequently and was impressed with the care. "I have always volunteered at different times in my life, and I wanted to repay the special care he received with volunteer service," he said.

He believes being a trustee allows him to work in a teamwork fashion to monitor and assist management to ensure SAM will continue to serve all of its stakeholders well. As for the future, Jerry wants to see SAM continue to be strong enough financially to update the entire facility with brightness and up-to-date safety technology. "I want to see SAM continue to show the heartfelt care and kindness to all residents and to make a major difference in their lives and the lives of their family and friends," said Jerry.


Jerry's intercontinental career of service, and his love of travel, has taken him to many countries!


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