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AskAVC episdoe: Refinery Ventures' Tim Schigel

"The sky is not the limit," says VC Tim Schigel of Refinery Ventures on my AskAVC show, February 23.

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Conversations about Silicon Heartland with VC Brianne Kimmel

VC Brianne Kimmel conversing with author Rebecca Fannin about Silicon Heartland tech trends and lifestyles. Will the Midwest Be A Next Silicon Valley?

The common thread between these two? Both are born and bred in Ohio, worked overseas, and found their way to California for work in venture and innovation - and still head home.

Silicon Heartland Author

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Mergers & Acquisitions of Midwest companies

2018 - Feb. 20, 2023

192 deals at Median value: $49 million

VC Investments in Midwest Companies

2018 - Feb. 20, 2023

3838 Deals at Median value: $6 million

Source: Cap IQ


Venture capital firm Sequoia Capital starts screening its China arm's investments as Washington prepares to limit U.S. capital going to some Chinese tech companies and U.S. national security concerns grow. WSJ  

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CEO Ray Leach

March 2

Revolution/ Rise of the Rest

Chairman & CEO

Steve Case

March 7

"Rebecca's book is indispensable for founders, makers and change-makers."

VC Jim Breyer

Silicon Heartland author Rebecca Fannin chats with Jim Breyer

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