September 2019
Dear Friends,

 We would like to introduce you to our unicorn and sparkle-loving Princess Warrior, Kaia Elizabeth.

On January 23 rd , after months of unexplained ailments and pain, we received the devastating news that Kaia had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. We had never even heard the word before. Our entire world was rocked but not shattered, this family has battled cancer once before and destroyed it.

We just needed to prepare for battle again. We immediately contacted Dr. Kushner at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), who explained the diagnosis and told us what we would need to do. We began to receive chemo at our home hospital so we could get started right away. On April 22 nd , Kaia had an 8-hour resection surgery with Dr. LaQuaglia at MSKCC to remove the softball-sized tumor resting on her adrenal gland. Once through surgery, we finished up chemo at our home hospital and then transferred care to MSKCC. There we received one last chemotherapy and 5 days of twice-a-day radiation. Two weeks ago, we began the Hu3f8 immunotherapy and are hopeful this will kick any last bit of cancer’s butt! We are so grateful for this trial and so honored to be lucky enough to be a part of it. 
Childhood cancer is so poorly funded, but because of Band of Parents , this Hu3f8 trial is available to us. We feel we are in the best hands possible.

Our daughter is our hero, she is the light of our lives and we will move mountains to get her to optimal health. She is tough as nails and exudes determination, courage and bravery - more than any human we have ever known. Her strong will and sheer desire to find joy in all that she does is carrying us through this battle.
Please help us fight the good fight and kick pediatric cancer’s butt! No child deserves to not spend each and every single day playing, laughing, singing, and dancing. Please donate to this worthy cause and help give our babies the medical treatment they need to live long, prosperous and beautiful lives.

With Hope, 
Heather, Brian, & Kaia Elizabeth Lauro

P.S. Let’s BAND together to end neuroblastoma. It is possible; a cure is near. In order to find it, support for research is necessary! We are asking you to donate today so that Band of Parents may continue to fund research for better, safer, less toxic treatments in the pursuit of finding a cure for this horrific disease.
Thank you for your generosity!

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