Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 14

Katie Bourque & Jackie Parker
Name: Katie Bourque
Age: 17
Hometown: Raymond
Local Program: Manchester Sharks
Sports: Swimming, Bowling & Basketball

Katie Bourque has been competing since she was just six years old. Katie currently participates in swimming and basketball, and has also competed in bowling and athletics. Her favorite sport to play is basketball because she enjoys playing it the most and her siblings also played basketball which made her want to follow in their footsteps. She just loves everything about competing, especially winning medals. Her mother told us that, “Katie is very proud of her medals and they are all displayed in her room” and it is “unusual when she does not win any medals.”

Katie has, unfortunately, been facing a new challenge in her life. In August, her father very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. It has been very hard for Katie and the Bourque family. Her father was her biggest fan and could always be heard cheering Katie on from the stands. Shortly after her father's passing, Katie was selected to represent Team New Hampshire as a part of the swimming team at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle, Washington. Katie is especially focused on “swimming for her dad” and she is sure, “that he is very proud of me and will be there watching, from heaven.” She is super excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to make her dad proud.
Name: Jackie Parker
Age: 27
Hometown: Washington
Local Program: Claremont Cool Cats
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Bowling, Swimming & Snowshoeing

Jackie Parker competes in a lot of different sports, but she explains that, “all of them are her favorite” and that she “really enjoys participating in sports.” She has made a lot of improvements in her sports skills since she first started. For example, Jackie first started participating in swimming in 2003. At that time, she had to wear a belt to make sure she would stay afloat. Through a lot of hard work and dedication Jackie can now complete four laps in a pool without a belt! She is “super proud” of how far she has come and her ability to defeat her fears of swimming.