Keynote Raj Subrameyer
Talks AI, Career Advice
PNSQC recently interviewed upcoming 2020 Keynote Raj Subrameyer , an international speaker, career coach, and author. 

“We need to be aware of how our training dataset could influence the AI model’s decisions, and in turn could cause harm to human beings from a privacy, security, ethical, social, and cultural context,” he says.

In this post, you’ll get advice on becoming a better conference speaker, gain insight into the biases of AI, and, hopefully be inspired to pursue your own best life.

Raj will be presenting at PNSQC this October 12-14, on "Breaking Down Biases and Building Inclusive AI."
Bringing You the Hottest
in Industry Trends: AI Edition
This is the third year in a row we’re highlighting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in one of our keynote presentations.

Yes, we’ve learned that it’s a topic you want more speakers to share experiences about — beyond theory, and into actual applications. 

More companies across the industry are adopting and incorporating AI into testing, and our conference Archives can help you each step of the way, from test automation to measuring quality datasets, plus understanding the risks.

Some past presentations include:

In addition to these past presentations, we'll have even more AI talks at PNSQC 2020.

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PNSQC Appreciation
“We are really intrigued with the potential of AI for quality engineering. Until the [2019] conference, [my coworkers at Oracle and I] had not been exposed to how organizations are leveraging it, and the tools that are available. The keynotes by Jason Arbon and Dionny Santiago were provocative. And the session "Testing Mobile Software with Machine Learning" by Jennifer Bonine of Pink Lion [ pictured ] provided an actual use case utilizing their AI tool. We also got some great tips from speakers on managing process, technical and soft skills to achieve our goals. I recommend this conference to QE professionals.”

Johnny Hill , 2019 PNSQC Attendee