Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 15

Lisa Moody & Sean Rohlfing
Name: Lisa Moody
Age: 44
Hometown: Westmoreland
Local Program: Keene Parks and Recreation
Sports: Bocce, Athletics & Cross Country Skiing

Lisa Moody has enjoyed quite a lot of success in bocce. In 2014, she won a gold medal at the USA Games in New Jersey and she has also competed in the 2010 USA Games in Iowa. Lisa will also be competing in the 2018 USA Games in Seattle, Washington. When asked about the 2018 USA Games she responded with, “I was shocked that I was picked because I have been picked many times,” but went on to say that she, “cannot wait to play bocce again.” In addition to playing bocce, Lisa is really excited to explore Seattle, be a part of the Opening Ceremonies and see the fireworks, and for the opportunity to meet new people see everyone compete.
Name: Sean Rohlfing
Age: 38
Hometown: Lee
Local Program: Independent Rohlfing
Sports: Powerlifting

Sean Rohlfing is quite the powerlifter. He started powerlifting in 1999 and even competed in the 1999 World Games in Raleigh, North Carolina and won a bronze medal. He has also competed at the 2006 USA Games in Iowa and won gold medal, which he is very proud of. Sean will also be competing in the 2018 USA Games in Seattle and is very excited that he got another opportunity to compete on the national stage. Not only does he want to win another gold medal, but also he wants to be a good teammate. Sean prides himself on being a good teammate and being a part of a team. He tries to provide everyone with good spirt and support to help them stay positive, try their best, and reach for the stars.