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Caring for Families Who Love Their Pets

November is National Family Caregivers Month.
In the United States today, 65 million people provide nursing and home care to elderly or disabled individuals.  Add to that the number of families who also give their all to take care of older or disabled pets and there are a huge number of people who are responsible for providing care.  Caregivers of all kinds play a crucial role in our society.

Let this be the month for us to lend a hand to lighten the burden for these selfless and exhausted folks.  Ask if you can provide a meal, clean, or just be a watchful presence to give the care giver a break.  At the very least, say thank you to a caregiver to acknowledge their dedication to helping others.

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A Loss is a Loss Continued.... 
To further our discussion from last month on the important role animal companions play in our lives, we recognize more avenues in which we are affected by grief.  We realize that our pet was a family member who happily shared our lives.  Their sudden absence can often be unbearable and we may struggle in all aspects of our lives including:
  • Routine:  Our entire routine changes when our beloved pet is no longer part of our daily routine.  From putting down food bowls at mealtimes to daily playtime, we often feel lost when this routine suddenly changes.
  • Communication: Our pets have a way of understanding our moods and we share our deepest secrets with them.  We often feel lost without our "best listener."
  • Support:  Pets have been known to get us though all kinds of life changes--breakup/divorce, illness, job loss,  death of a human family member.   There are wonderful support groups that can assist you with your grief.  Some resources are 
  • The "When are you getting another?" Mentality:  Everyone grieves differently and requires their own time to mourn the loss of their precious pet.  Only you will know if and/or when you are ready to bring another furry family member into your home. 
Be kind to yourself during this very sad time.  Eat nutritious food, take walks, get enough rest, and surround yourself with others who understand your pain.  Although we wish we could have our beloved companions back, cherishing the loving memories you shared with your pet keeps them close.
Dog Cottage

Was your dog like Snoopy and loved his own house?  This  house-shaped wood urn recreates that beloved space as an attractive in-home memorial for your beloved pet. You can place a small face photo in the front frame. The urn interior is accessible by removing the bottom panel of the urn which is secured with four fasteners. While this urn is made to accommodate cremains for a pet weighing up to 70 pounds, if your dog is smaller, you may also choose to include other personal effects such as a name tag and/or collar in your beloved pet's forever resting place

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