Meet McGuckin Interns: Ahmad abu Monshar and Khalil Mer'ie
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Meet Ahmad abu Monshar (left) and Khalil Mer'ie (right), rising seniors from Bethlehem University who interned this summer at The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. They are both Business Administration majors; Ahmad is minoring in Psychology and Khalil is minoring in Marketing. Their summer internship was thanks to the Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program. This is the last newsletter highlighting the 2019 McGuckin Interns. We at the Foundation greatly enjoyed interacting with the interns during their time in the United States and wish them every success in their senior year and in their lives and careers.
Along with other projects, Ahmad helped write a business plan for an app being created by The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies that will be marketed to Palestine and other locations in the Middle East. Ahmad described this internship as helping him, "to not be afraid, and to dream for a bright future for myself and my people. This internship gave me the opportunity to see life from a new perspective, and get to know more about myself." Khalil put his writing skills to use by drafting short stories about Palestinian daily life. He deeply appreciated this internship; "Throughout my work there, I got to meet various people with different and interesting ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This was incredibly eye-opening, as I had the chance to discuss topics of interest, hear multiple opinions, and fuel myself with knowledge and a variety of points of view." This summer was not 'all work and no play,' as they enjoyed everything from grocery-runs for American snacks and sightseeing.   
These young men are very active on Bethlehem University's campus, participating in the Student Ambassador Program along with other organizations and initiatives. As Student Ambassadors, they are the face of the University to the international community, as they welcome guests from around the world. Through this platform, the Ambassadors share their stories and the story of Bethlehem University. They are devoted to making sure their fellow students are heard. His first semester at Bethlehem University, Ahmad helped to create a group called Books not Walls, which aims to, "give our fellow students the space to speak about issues of interest to them, without feeling fear or judgment from one another." The group was highlighted in Bethlehem University's Spring 2018 newsletter as an opportunity for Bethlehem University students to, "continue to strive for a world where people build bookshelves instead of walls, and a society that is empowered by knowledge and defined by mutual respect."   
Khalil enjoys the unique community at Bethlehem University. "The diversity of religions, origins, nationalities, beliefs, and principles is quite encouraged at the University. You can easily find Christians, Muslims, atheists, Germans, Asians, and Arabs sitting at one table and having fun and good discussions without any kind of discrimination." Ahmad appreciates the opportunity to study at Bethlehem University. "My experience at Bethlehem University has truly changed my life and has helped me see issues from different points of view. Without generous supporters, many students and I would not be able to afford to attend Bethlehem University and be in this kind of environment which fosters the type of diverse thinking that leads to change."   
After graduating next year, Ahmad hopes to pursue a master's degree in Human Rights, Gender Studies, or another field, and to finish building his company that will provide mental health services and yoga sessions. Khalil also has big goals for when he graduates. "Since I was little, my ambition was to be successful in life and be remembered as someone who has made a difference in the world. Through my time at Bethlehem University and on this internship, I've aspired to gain experience, knowledge, and techniques that will help me to reach my fullest potential. I want to create a business that will help others."   
The Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program enables top students from Bethlehem University to intern in the United States and abroad. The Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program was established in 2010 by the Northwestern Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Khalil and Ahmad are shown here with all eight 2019 McGuckin Interns.
In order to allow this program to continue in perpetuity, the Foundation has established the Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program Endowed Fund, thanks to the generosity of the Northwestern Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The endowed fund allows the Foundation to annually underwrite a portion of the expenses associated with the Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program. Through the generosity of donors like you, the Foundation is creating a long-term and sustainable future for the Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program.
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