Tom Shryock, Metro Ministries Board President
Tom has served on the Metro Ministries Board of Directors for six years – with a year off – then coming back on as the Metro Ministries Board President. Lisa Morris, Executive Director, shares, "I met Tom at a Lay Servant School (Certified Lay Servant -- Gateway United Methodist Church) several years ago and invited him to be a part of the Metro Ministries Board of Directors. I am so grateful to him for his many years of service. I know that he did not realize at the time the impact he would make at Metro Ministries."

Tom has a passion for Metro and its partner ministries and shares his expertise in leadership with us. He has been instrumental in providing leadership as the board has developed. Tom is currently leading the Metro board through the process of selecting a new Executive Director. The Metro Ministries Board of Directors is very fortunate to have him on our team.

On a more personal note, Tom really likes to start his morning with hot brewed coffee, keep up with current events and sports, and connect with friends and attend a few baseball games during the summer. He also is an Ohio State University alumnus and football fan, so a long-time hero of his is football coach Woody Hayes. He is also inspired by the changed lives that are a direct result of Metro Ministries-supported programs. This is his second year as board president. Putting faith into action compels him to use his life and business experience to help lead Metro and serve others, and volunteering at local food pantries keeps him connected to those in need.