As You Meet More Of The Team -- Think Longevity
Pamela Reed: Housekeeping Dept.
Ms. Pamela Reedy has been in our housekeeping department for 10 years keeping our residents' home safe and clean!
Cordell Stroman: Nursing Dept.
Ms. Cordell Stroman has been in our nursing department for 12 years ensuring our residents are well cared for!
Jeffrey Taylor: Dietary Dept.
Mr. Jeffrey Taylor has been in our dietary department for almost 10 years making sure our residents have great food!
As a family-owned and operated company that has been in the senior care business for over 50-years, we -- better than anyone -- understand the importance of stability and longevity when creating the right culture and caring for you and your loved ones.

You've already met our ownership and leadership teams virtually and in person; but we'd also like to introduce you to a few of our other heroes who have been with us at Bloom at Belfair for almost a decade and since Bloom acquired the community in 2011. They know our culture, our residents, our mission and our routine!

At Bloom at Belfair, we are all about family, our people and warm environment. Our residents and teams have long lasting bonds filled with much laughter and love!
Meet The Team
Meet Our Chief Inspiration Officers, Richard & Ruth Tischler
Richard earned his accounting degree in 1940 and started an accounting practice shortly thereafter. He later entered the field of healthcare. With Ruth’s support, Richard built a chain of Nursing Homes and Mental Health facilities. When Ruth became sick at 89 years old, the close-knit family, including Richard, the Tischlers’ children and their grandchildren, began searching for the perfect senior living residence. As her health condition progressed, she required services ranging from Independent to Assisted Living to Memory Care. Inspired by this personal experience and building upon our family’s values, principles and generations of experience, Bloom was formed to shift the family’s focus to the same lifestyle options that Ruth required. The Tischlers were married for almost 70 years before Ruth passed away from Alzheimer’s disease in 2012, and Richard was still involved in daily operations until he passed away in 2016 at the age of 101. The Tischlers' story is engrained in Bloom's operation!
The Owners
Scott Kantor: Owner, Director of Operations
Scott is responsible for the daily operations of Bloom, as well as achieving resident and associate satisfaction consistent with Bloom’s mission.
Tony Kantor: Owner, Director of Finance

Tony is responsible for the financial matters of Bloom. He works closely with our communities, residents, families and vendors to ensure everything runs smooth
Brad Dubin: Owner, Director of Community Relation
Brad is responsible for community relations matters of Bloom. He works closely with our local teams to ensure the best option for our residents are met.
Some Of Community Leaders
Emily Schafer: Executive Director
Emily is the Executive Director responsible for overseeing daily operations of the community, ensuring quality care and services are provided to residents and achieving high resident satisfaction. 
Sara Geiger: Community Director
Sara is the Community Relations Director responsible for sales and marketing and has helped numerous families find placement for their loved ones. She is here to help you navigate the process and find the best fit for you and your loved one.
Corporate Directors Supporting Belfair
Melissa Campbell: Dir. of Education & Development
Melissa is the Director of Education and Development responsible for the training, development and growth of Bloom associates consistent with the Company's mission, core values and cultural initiatives, clinical standards, policies and procedures, State regulations and customer service guidelines.
Jeff Pogozelski: Dir. Professional Services
Jeff is the Area Director of Professional Services responsible for sales, marketing and maintaining relationships with our local health care professionals in the Southeast. He works closely with area professionals educating them about Bloom's innovative care and services and works as a hospital and physician liaison between Bloom and the communities.
"The Bloom at Belfair management team came in early to bring breakfast to the much deserving associates who love and care for our residents each and every day. This may seem insignificant, but it's IMPORTANT and exactly why Bloom at Belfair is special; has an engaged, stable and cohesive team of loving associates; and has the best culture in the Lowcountry. Families shouldn't underestimate culture -- good community culture leads to better outcomes for residents and happier environments! We love this Belfair unit!" Bloom's Director of Education, Melissa Campbell
Bloom at Belfair
60 Oak Forest Road
Bluffton, South Carolina 29910 

Located behind Kroger/ Belfair Towne Village off of Highway 278 in Bluffton
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