Meet Ms. Curve Texas, Maxcie Taylor

She just recently won this title as part of the Regency International Pageant and will be competing in Vegas this July against other plus size women like Ms. Curve UK and Australia. 

As a plus size woman Maxcie is excited to use her platform to share encouragement with other curvy women and to inspire them to go after their dreams regardless of their size. 

Not only is she a pageant queen, Maxcie is also a social media strategist, and runs a B.R.A.N.D. Ambassador agency that teaches inspiring influencers how to develop their B.R.A.N.D. and monetize their Instagram.

When she is not creating content for social media, doing interviews, or photoshoots she is enjoying family time with her husband and 3 children. 

Maxcie is well spoken, has experience on air as she is a mass comm major, and has also been featured on CNN before. 

She would be a great visitor to discuss topics such as:

Gaining Self-Love/ Confidence
Creating and Achieving Goals
Social Media Etiquette
and more...

Please send an email to with the Subject: Interview Request
to inquire Mrs. Taylor's availability to interview on your show. 

Best regards,
Maxcie Taylor
Ms. Curve Texas 2022
The B.R.A.N.D. Ambassador Coach
Introducing Finding The Queen In You. Written By Maxcie
Finding The Queen In You is A 7-Day interactive workbook specifically designed for teen girls to help them uncover their gifts and talents and discover their inner Queen.

This 2 Hour breakthrough session will include:

1 HR reserved for photographs

1 Hour speaking session that is an overview of the book.

Each student will also receive a "gift" which includes a copy of the book, sticker sheet(s), a magnet, a button, and each girl will receive a tiara as they now have discovered the queen inside them.
Book A "Young Queen" Mentorship Session For Teen Girls
Do you believe confidence can have a huge impact on a young ladies self-esteem?

Do you believe that a young lady with high self-esteem can make better, more responsible decisions?

Are you someone who wants to truly invest in the future of young girls?

If you said yes to any of these questions my Finding The Queen In You Interactive Session would be perfect!

You will be able to invest in 10, 25, or 50 young ladies as they get to hear from a unlikely State Beauty Pageant Queen.

In this candid convo Maxcie talks building confidence, staying disciplined, and dreaming big!

Maxcie Taylor, or Ms. Curve Texas 2022 is a dynamic speaker with a heart to serve others.

This event is lifechanging for young ladies and is well worth the investment.

Please fill out and email the contract to to secure your session.