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August 20, 2018
Protecting our People, Our Property and Our Way of Life
Board President
Cory Kief
Who are Cory's role models for community service? Why is the work of the NLLD so important to him and to our community? Watch this new video to find out!
NLLD Commissioners Tour Levee Projects
NLLD Commissioners Tim Allen, Bob Pitre and Kenney Matherne toured levee projects under construction in the District on July 25.
On August 15, Commissioners Darcy Kiffe and Louis Andelsek joined NLLD Project Manager Arthur Ostheimer and Field Coordinator Glenn Bourgeois on site visits to the Mathews Canal/Clotilda Levee, Valentine Return Levee and more.

Lockport-Larose Valentine Return Levee and Return Structure
Low Land Construction has been working around periods of heavy rainfall to move and dry out material as part of the project to build a return levee from near Bayou L'Bleu towards Highway 1. This Valentine Return Levee will intersect with the Lockport to Larose Hurricane Protection Levee, providing additional flood controls within that system.

Sealevel Construction has completed the majority of construction on the Valentine Return Structure and continues to work on excavation. The Return Structure is located in the borrow canal at the intersection of the return levee and the hurricane protection levee to control water flow in the canal.

In light of recent rain delays, the NLLD Board of Commissioners has extended the construction period for these projects.
Mathews/Clotilda Levee Improvements
Rain has also been a factor in the Mathews/Clotilda Levee Improvements Project, but progress remains on schedule. Low Land Construction is now working on the levee segment between the pump station and Gheens Road, where they are continuing to excavate and process materials to strengthen the existing Mathews/Clotilda levee.
Flood Insurance Program Extended Through November 30

The U.S. Senate voted July 31 to extend the National Flood Insurance Program temporarily through November 30, providing coverage to homeowners during this year's hurricane season.

Work to reform the program to ensure its future sustainability, however, remains on the to-do list.

The NLLD has been a very vocal and tireless advocate for not only the temporary extension of the program but also for long-term reforms that will keep costs for Lafourche Parish residents down and provide coverage when we need it.

That push will continue!
Tuesday, August 28

Levee District representatives
will appear on
HTV's "Going Public" news program on Tuesday, August 28.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Location: NLLD Office
3862 Highway 1 in Raceland

5:00 PM
Finance and Priority Committee

5:15 PM (or immediately following F&P)
Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners

2018 NLLD Board of Commissioners
Cory Kief, President
Timothy Allen, Vice President
Kenney Matherne, Sec/Treas
Louis Andolsek, Jr.
Rodney Foret
Darcy Kiffe
Adley Peltier
Elmo Pitre, III
Robert Pitre
Shawn Preston, Sr.
Joni Tuck

Dwayne Bourgeois,
Executive Director

Madonna Viguerie, Administrative Assistant
About the NLLD
The North Lafourche Conservation, Levee, and Drainage District (known as NLLD) was formed in 1992 to provide drainage and flood protection services for the northern portion of Lafourche Parish, including the entire parish north of the Intracoastal Canal.   The District includes over 250 miles of levees and drainage canals, and over 40 pump stations.