Child Spotlight
Meet Nieves from Haven of Hope, Bolivia
Nieves' mother passed away when she was just four years old and her father was left to take care of her and her younger sister, Carlota. 

Living in a poor rural area in Bolivia, her father didn’t know how he would take proper care of his children and entrusted Nieves and Carlota to a couple who promised to bring the girls into the city for a better life with a proper education.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. In fact by the time Nieves and her sister were rescued by HOH, Bolivia the girls had already experienced so much abuse and they were far behind in their education. The abuse she experienced caused her to be emotionally disturbed and withdrawn.

When Nieves was comfortable enough to talk to the staff about her past she shared that she had minimum schooling and was responsible for cooking and cleaning for the couple who took her and her sister.

BUT thank goodness we know that we are not defined by our experiences but rather our Father who lives in us.

Nieves has hope in the future God promised to give her in Jeremiah 29:11.
Today, Nieves is a prayer warrior. At first, Nieves was very upset with God because of the past trauma she endured but she soon learned that He was always with her even in those hard times. Nieves gave her life to Christ and she has a mission to help others however she can.

Nieves is currently enrolled in a nursing program at the nearby technical school. Her dream has been to not only become a nurse, but to open a clinic to help those less fortunate and the first location would be right at Haven of Hope. Its no coincidence that this past summer, one of our new mission trip travelers was a school nurse that brought supplies to set up an infirmary at the orphanage.

Like other young ladies her age, she likes to play soccer, enjoys reading and listening to music. She's part of the HOH dance team, performing at local churches. She is a hard worker with a servant leader mindset.

Nieves, in her own words , “I don't even know where to begin, Haven of Hope has done so many things for me.” Nieves is a dreamer; a luxury she and Carlota did not have before coming to the orphanage and her dreams are coming true.
The first step in the process of breaking the cycle of poverty is teaching our children to dream. Many children have never even thought about what they want to be when they grow up. They are merely happy to have a bed and food every day. Once they learn to dream the next step is equipping them to achieve their dreams.

We find out how each child is uniquely gifted and talented and consult with them about their desires for a vocation and introduce them to different types of vocations. Sponsors are an additional layer of support and encouragement along the way and thanks to Nieves' sponsors her vocational costs have been covered. If children do not have sponsors, HOHI will cover the cost through their Vocational/Sustainability Sponsorship program.

Nieves indicated her desire to pursue helping others in the profession of nursing. The starting point in that career is to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.  She is attending classes at this time and maintaining straight A's.  We couldn't be more proud.

When the children succeed, we succeed.
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