Meet Our Amazing Team of Dedicated Veterinary Technicians 
More than 50 technicians and assistants contribute their skills and expertise to our emergency and specialty departments, supporting our veterinarians and providing the highest quality care to your patients. Notably, many of them have been part of the BEVS team for more than a decade, and several have been with us since the very beginning when we opened in 2005. A whopping 37 of them are RECOVER (CPR) certified. 
Your Patients Are in Expert Hands
Meet our Team Leads, the veterinary technicians who serve as leaders in their departments, helping to supervise, train, and collaborate with their fellow techs. They help ensure communication remains open and effective, and that the team is strong and well-prepared for the cases they see each day.
ER: Michelle Carroll, CVT
ER: Jenn Grenier
Dentistry: Sarah Eisenhauer
IM: Michelle Senna, CVT
Surgery: Melissa Daley, CVT
Vet Tech Snapshots
Molly Friedborn, CVT
Molly works in our Emergency department. She graduated from Ithaca College with a BS in Health Science in 2016 and joined BEVS in 2018. She attended Vermont Technical College and graduated in 2019, and shortly after received CVT. She is RECOVER (CPR) certified and she loves client education. Molly has two horses, two dogs, and a cat.
Katie Henderson, CVT
Katie works in our Internal Medicine and ICU departments. Katie joined BEVS in 2007 and after a short time away, she re-joined us in August 2018. Katie runs our Blood Donor Program here at the hospital. While not at work, Katie enjoys mountain biking and snowboarding. She shares her home with three perfect black cats
Beth Kenneth, CVT
Beth is a full-time ICU/ER technician and has been with BEVS since July 2016. She became a CVT this past March and was a runner-up for Veterinary Technician of the Year in 2020. She has her bachelor’s degree in biology and animal science from the University of Vermont. She is a RECOVER CPR Certified Instructor and has certified more than 50 staff members at BEVS since January 2020. She is looking forward to moving into a new role as a technician in our new Neurology service starting November 1. She shares her life with her fiancé Kyle and their three black cats, Frida, Gus, and Ginger, and hiking buddy Ranger. In her free time, she is an avid reader and enjoys yoga and dog walking in the woods with other members of the BEVS team. 
Morgan Kirk, CVT
Morgan works in our ICU department. She joined BEVS in September 2017 when she moved to VT from CO. She received her Associate's degree in Applied Science from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Denver, CO. She is RECOVER (CPR) certified and in the process of becoming Fear-Free certified. She loves hiking with her 2-year-old German Shepherd/Bernese Mountain dog mix, Gheddy, and cuddling on the couch with her 12-year-old tabby cat, Kayla. One of the most rewarding parts of the job for her is seeing her patients' tail wag or head bop when giving them affection in between treatments. 
Justa Malone, RN, CVT
Justa works overnights in our ICU. She has been with BEVS since we opened in 2005. Justa shares her home with two perfect senior mixes, Charlie and Maisy. 
Lupe Sears
Lupe works in our Emergency department and has been with BEVS since the very beginning, in 2005. She is pictured here with her perfect pup, Watson.
Jenny Yang, CVT
Jenny works in our Surgery department. Prior to joining our team, Jenny worked in general practice for four years. Jenny joined BEVS in August 2020 due to her interest in specialty medicine. Her favorite procedure is foreign body surgery. The weirdest thing she ever saw pulled from a patient was a size seven shoe sole, completely intact! Jenny is certified in animal CPR and Fear Free animal handling. She shares her home with a cattle dog, Foxy (pictured).
Our Veterinary Techs and Assistants
Sydney Angolano, CVT
Kate Baker
Jordan Bean
Millie Bogue, RVT
Chelsea Carcoba
Michelle Carroll, CVT
Jo Collemer, CVT
Melissa Daley, CVT
Jennifer Eckert
Sara Eisenhauer
Shannon Eszlari, CVT
Nicole Farr 
Zoe Feehan
Lily Felenchak
Camryn Fisher
Molly Friedeborn, CVT
Lyn Garson, CVT, CCRP
Jenn Grenier
Maya Guinen
Kelly Hays, CVT
Katie Henderson, CVT
Jazlyn Jarvis
Kristin Keefe, LVT
Beth Kennett, CVT
Morgan Kirk, CVT
Natalie Kolesar
Jay Kubinec
Katelyn Laliberte, CVT
Alex Lambright
Madaid Lopez, CVT
Stacy Mabee
Justa Malone, CVT
Erin McCreedy, CVT
Hannah Mosier
Margaret Ojemann
Grace Pasquale
Ellen Paulson
Erin Pirkkanen
Leticia Reynolds
Jessica Ridinger
Mercedee Rougier 
Lillian G. Schnurr
Lupe Sears
Mariah Sears
Michelle Senna, CVT
Kim St. Germain, CVT
Siobhan Stimpson, CVT
Katie Stowell, CVT
Jules Struzyna
Jessica Suquilanda
Courtney Touchstone
Laurel Taylor
Phoebe Wolfman
Jenny Yang
Mark Zambarano
Amy S. Ziobron 
A Truly Collaborative Approach

The best relationships successfully serve the interests of both partners. Our goal is to support you, your practice, and your patients in a manner that works well for all parties.

Each month, we will be sending you information about our services and other items we hope you find helpful. If you have any questions about our team, our specialty services, or would like to discuss a patient, please call us at 802.863.BEVS (2387). To help expedite the referral process, you can fill out our Patient Referral Form online, or visit our Referring Veterinary Portal. We’re here to help in whatever way we can.
COVID-19 Safety Protocols: Curbside Service 

For the health and safety of our clients and staff, we are providing exclusively curbside care until further notice. Please visit our COVID-19 web page for updates, including details on all of our safety protocols related to specialty appointments, visitation, discharge, medication refills, end-of-life options, and more. We are still experiencing a high demand for emergency veterinary services and continue to triage emergency cases to care for the most critically injured or ill pets first.
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