Beethoven 9th Symphony for the Indus Valley / Jan 31, 8 PM / Carnegie Hall

   NEW Co-Presenter

American Pakistan Foundation

American Pakistan Foundation is dedicated to expanding education, healthcare, infrastructure and entrepreneurship opportunities to the under-privileged people of Pakistan.  Learn more at 

The January 31 c
oncert will be introduced by

Dr. Nafis Sadik, Chairperson, APF & Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for HIV/AIDS in Asia & the Pacific

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To see a real-time tapestry of Pakistan flood-related information, visit 


I'm writing to you today to tell you more about how Music for Life International's next humanitarian concert, Beethoven for the Indus Valley, came to be.  Our previous humanitarian concerts have not only brought together many of the world's preeminent musicians, but have also connected us with some of the most compassionate and influential organizations on the front lines of social change.   

We are proud to announce Acumen Fund, and its Founder and CEO, Jacqueline Novogratz as the beneficiary of Beethoven for the Indus Valley. Acumen Fund, a non-profit venture fund, has been investing in Pakistan since 2002, and established its local office in 2006. It has invested more than $11 million in organizations that are breaking new ground and is the largest and most recognized social investor in Pakistan, helping shape the conversation around how to focus on sustainable change.

We are also pleased to announce a new co-presenter for Beethoven for the Indus Valley, American Pakistan Foundation.  Visit to learn more about their services for the underprivileged people of Pakistan.

Finally, I urge you to spend five minutes viewing this video featuring photographs from Jacqueline Novogratz's trip to the flood zones in October 2010.  In Jacqueline's own words, "These faces are the best possible answer to the insane indifference so much of the world has shown in response to this crisis, which by any objective measure is one of the worst of this century."

AcumenAcumen Fund

Beneficiary, Beethoven for the Indus Valley

Acumen Fund is a pioneering not-for-profit venture fuAcumen Fundnd that is changing how the world addresses poverty. Acumen Fund invests patient capital in businesses that deliver critical, affordable goods and services to the world's poor, improving the lives of millions. Since 2002, Acumen Fund has invested more than $11 million in Pakistan. Acumen Fund's Pakistan portfolio includes investments in affordable housing, drinking water solutions, health insurance and agriculture. 

Acumen Fund invests in innovative entrepreneurs who are change agents and is the largest and most recognized social investor in Pakistan, helping shape the conversation around how to focus on sustainable change. Acumen Fund has a strong and growing local community of supporters-partners, advisors and others who share its values and support the organization in realizing its vision of providing choice, not charity and dignity, not dependence

Acumen Fund's long-term vision is that one day, every human being will have access to the critical goods and services they need to make choices for themselves and pursue lives of greater purpose. Acumen Fund imagines a future where policymakers, governments, aid organizations, and corporations work in tandem to redefine the way the world addresses poverty. 

JacquelineJacqueline Novogratz
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Acumen Fund

Jacqueline is a frequent visitor to Pakistan, often making several trips a year. She last visited Pakistan in September 2010 after the floods to understand the devastating impact and wrote about her experience, sharing individual stories from survivors and highlighting the incredible relief efforts being undertaken by many in the Acumen Fund community. She was recently named to Foreign Policy's list of Top 100 Global Thinkers and Daily Beast's 25 Smartest People of the Decade. Jacqueline is a frequent speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative and TED. As a contributor to Huffington Post, Jacqueline has written about the need to build communities in Pakistan.  

Click  to see Jacqueline's presentation from TEDxKarachi in April 2010.

See Jacqueline in person at Carnegie Hall on January 31.

Shared humanity video

 Video"When TED's Chris Anderson and I returned last week from our visit to Pakistan's flood zones, we couldn't get out of our heads the faces of the people we'd seen. They comprised the true treasure of Pakistan, the unlimited potential of what it means to be human, stuck in tent villages with no belongings and an uncertain future.


We wanted to spread the word about what we'd seen, so we wrote to one of our heroes, Peter Gabriel, and he generously agreed to let us use an unforgettable song of his as the soundtrack to a video that will show you the people we met.


We were astounded by the grace and dignity of so many who have lost all of their belongings, yet have the courage to move through another day, every day. Please stop what you're doing for 5 minutes, take a deep breath, and watch this video. And then share it widely. The world needs you more than ever. Thanks."


-Jacqueline Novogratz

Founder and CEO, Acumen Fund

I hope this video compels you, as it has me, to do what you can to help our fellow human beings endure this crisis.  Take a moment today to buy tickets to the concert on January 31, make a donation to Acumen Fund if you cannot attend the concert, and  within your own community about what we can do to help. 

Tomorrow will be too late.
George Mathew

George Mathew

music for life international

Artistic Director and Conductor

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