Meet Our NEW Gold Star Speaker
We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Gold Star Speaker hall of fame. Please welcome Jeff Civillico!
As a renowned emcee and entertainer, Jeff brings incredible energy, enthusiasm, and positivity to each event. His goal is to make every booking the ultimate client experience. 

GDA Gold Star Speakers are individuals who have been recognized as elite speakers and have a long-standing relationship and history with GDA, association with the GDA brand, and most importantly - an impact on and valuable contribution to audiences and clients.

Initially created in 2019 in honor of GDA Speakers’ 20th anniversary, the Gold Star Speaker program celebrates faithful partners who have reached 40 GDA bookings or more. These speakers consistently embody excellence both on and off the stage. 
Our Gold Star Speakers truly represent the foundation that GDA Speakers has been built on and we are honored to have him join the family. Congratulations, Jeff! 
Check out our other Gold Star Speakers below.
New York Times Bestselling Author; Rugby Legend; Hero and Inspiration for the Movie Alive

Memory Expert; U.S. Navy Veteran
Mother-Daughter Duo; Addiction Recovery Specialists; Authors of The Lost Years
New York Times Bestselling Author; Positive Psychology Expert
Former CFO of Enron; Ethics and Risk Management Expert
Author; Branding, Culture, and Leadership Expert
New York Times Best-Selling Author; Columnist for The Washington Post; Former Corporate Executive; Domestic Violence Survivor
Computer Security Expert; Author; MTV India Host
Founder & CEO Karrikins Group; Bestselling Author; Named Top-25 Most Influential Speakers in the World
U.S. Army Veteran; Negotiator; Author, Consultant
Author of More Than Meets the Eye
Inspirational Mother and Musical Savant Son
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