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by Kathleen West

Submitted by Cabrina L.
Loved this book! This took place in an affluent community, similar to the one I grew up in. Julie Abott is a mom of two high school students. She is quite the 'helicopter' mom. I really enjoyed how readers had perspectives from both the helicopter mom and the hard working teacher. A great read for teachers and parents.
This book really kept the reader engaged. It made me feel so much better about my own parenting skills. I couldn't put this one down. So much drama in this book!!
by Jenny Han

Submitted by Patty G.
This trilogy captures Lara Jean's life from the age of sixteen to eighteen. These books are light and fun. I couldn't wait to read what would happen next in Lara Jean's life. Lara Jean has a beautiful and very close relationship with her two sisters and father. Life takes a lot of dramatic turns when she starts dating Peter, learns to drive, and has to make important life decisions about college. I have not felt this much joy from a character since the quirky Louisa Clark of Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. The first two books have also been turned into Netflix movies. Those movies will be next on my to watch list!
by Kara Thomas

Submitted by Kim S.
This YA book is a page turner! 5 years ago a series of tragedies forced Sunnybrook High School to disband their cheer squad. Monica's older sister was the last of the original cheer squad to die, but now there is a memorial being planned that is opening old wounds and bringing new questions to light. Monica would rather forget, but she is drawn in to trying to find answers and when she starts digging she discovers that the town of Sunnybrook holds many secrets. A high school setting that will remind us all that teenagers often have secrets and aren't always what they appear to be, nor are the adults around them.
by Kayte Nunn

Submitted by Terry W.
Unsent love letters from the 1950s—who wrote them, why were they never sent, who were they meant for? The letters are found in 2018 on a remote island off the Cornish Coast by a marine scientist. The book flips between 1950 when a young mother is committed to an isolated mental asylum by her husband, 2018 with the scientist in the Isles of Scilly, and a young woman in London who is helping her grandmother recover from a broken hip. I loved the way the all of the stories come together.
by Hope Jahren

Submitted by Kelly K.
I absolutely loved this book about science, plants, friendship, hard work, and finding one’s vocation/passion. It will inspire anyone trying to find their purpose in the world, plus reinstate a love for all things nature- and science-related for those who have strayed away, or for those who are new to these obsessions. It’s one of the best books I have read this year. Believe the hype. *****  

Submitted by Stefanie M.
Samin Nosrat (of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat fame) has teamed up with friend and podcast host extraordinaire Hrishi Hirway (Partners, Song Exploder) to help you figure out exactly what to do with all of those dried beans and other random ingredients in your pantry right now! Full of heart and food related puns, this is a really great distraction right now.

Submitted by Kelly K.
We watched the One World: Together at Home concert which was very entertaining and had something for everyone. We particularly loved seeing the various acts like the Rolling Stones, Billy Eilish, Andrea Bocelli, and John Legend. My favorite performance was by Taylor Swift, a song written for her mother who has battled cancer titled, “Soon You’ll Get Better” – which hopefully the whole world will do as well.

Submitted by Kelly F.
Get to know Dolly Parton, an American treasure. This podcast is a fascinating look into her life through interviews that go deep and answer the most daring questions. It’s great storytelling, beautifully produced, and accented with music. I highly recommend the episode called “Dollitics”, pure balm for our polarized political climate.

Submitted by Emily D.
This one really only works if you are a fan of The Office or planning to watch the show for the first time. Two actors from the show break it down one episode at a time, giving insight and behind-the-scenes stories. I'm not usually one for actor or director commentary but it has been so nice to hear stories about one of my favorite shows. It has be fun to relive the magic of some of the episodes.
Dr. Seuss Raps Over Dr. Dre Beats by Wes Tank (Youtube)

Submitted by Sara E.
What a fun find! This guy does awesome children's readings on youtube. Funny and family friendly.
Vanity Fair ( Amazon Prime )

Submitted by Donna W.
Set in the early 19th Century, this is a 2018 Amazon series based on the book of the same title by William Makepeace Thackeray. The show has a modern flair that combines a period drama with contemporary music. It is a very addicting show and all seven episodes are available for binging.
Downton Abbey ( Amazon Prime)

Submitted by Amanda D.
If you have Amazon Prime Video and you haven’t watched - start this series!! I finished the entire series AND watched the movie (luckily I grabbed the DVD from the library before we closed). I tried to pace myself but this show is seriously too good! The costumes and scenery were calming in these trying times and the actors are fantastic. Perfect for my whole family because the racier bits are just implied.
Sarah Beth Yoga ( YouTube )

Submitted by Jenny B.
This is a fantastic source for yoga at home. She offers a wide variety of yoga videos for different ability levels and intentions. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow!
Schitt's Creek ( Netflix )

Submitted by Kelly K.
What a fun escape from reality right now – an uber rich family is suddenly penniless and living in a dive motel in a town they once bought as a joke. This has great acting and is light enough to watch several episodes back to back.
Dalgona (Korean Whipped Coffee)

Submitted by Kelly F.
2 tbsp. Instant Coffee
2 tbsp. Sugar
2 tbsp. Warm Water
Milk (cold or heated)

Combine first three ingredients in mixing bowl. Beat with electric mixer until smooth and the consistency of whipped cream. Fill mugs or glasses half full of milk and gently spoon whipped coffee on top. Personalize your drink with a drizzle of caramel or chocolate.
Meatless Sloppy Joes

Submitted by Kelly F.
1 onion, chopped
½ cup green pepper, chopped
½ cup carrot, grated
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 can (15.5 oz.) dark red kidney beans
1 can (15.5 oz.) light red kidney beans
1 can (15.5 oz.) tomato sauce
½ cup ketchup
2 tbsp. each of: cider vinegar, chili powder, brown sugar
1 tsp. Cumin
Optional: salt (about ¼ tsp), black pepper, dash of cayenne pepper

Combine all ingredients in slow-cooker. Mash some of the beans with a fork. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours. Serve on favorite rolls with sliced red onion, pickles, and a side of chips.
Jigsaw Puzzles App by EasyBrain

Submitted by Molly J.
If, like me, you don't have space in your house for puzzles you can always play digital puzzles. The Jigsaw Puzzles app allows you complete thousands of jigsaw puzzles and make them have as few as 36 pieces to up to 1,000 pieces in many cases. Pair it with an audiobook and you have a great way to pass the time

Submitted by Emily D.
A few coworkers had mentioned this app to me before everything shifted last month. They mentioned that it was super calming, mindless, and pretty to look at. They were so right! This app has been so comforting and helps pass some time that can feel endless. Highly recommend.
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