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 Meet Our Saddle Fitters: 
Sally Dietrich
Wellington, Fla. - Aug. 6, 2018 -  Trilogy Performance Saddlery fitters specialize in hand-fitting, flocking and providing ongoing client support for their region of the country. Trained by the best in the field and regularly educated through skill-building seminars, fitters are well-equipped with knowledge and passion for helping improve horses and riders.

We want you to learn more about Trilogy's team of fitters! Meet Sally Dietrich, authorized fitter who services Michigan and the surrounding  areas.

Authorized Saddle Fitter Sally Dietrich

Sally Dietrich grew up just outside of Munich, Germany, riding and spending time with horses every chance she got. After college, she bought an off-the-track race horse and began eventing, but quickly realized that her heart was in dressage. 

Sally was introduced to Trilogy when her friend and trainer, Shannon Peters, was helping her find a saddle for her dressage horse as he was coming back from an injury. After finally finding the perfect "fit" with Trilogy, Dietrich had the opportunity to learn the ropes and become an authorized saddle fitter. 

What specifically makes you proud to be a fitter with Trilogy?  

"I feel I am representing the absolute best product on the market.  The quality of the Trilogy saddle line is like no other. The company is continuously updating and improving our products. The company continues to support and educate the fitters, so we have the tools to go into the field and do our job with confidence. I never feel alone. Debbie is always willing to advise, brainstorm, or add constructive direction."

What has been one of your most memorable moments working with Trilogy? 

"One of the most memorable parts of working with Trilogy is seeing some of the top riders on the USA teams competing at the Olympics, Pan Am Games, World Cup, and World Equestrian Games in our saddles throughout the years."

What do you love about your job with Trilogy?

"I love helping the horses and riders achieve their highest potential comfortably, not fighting their tack, as well as seeing the difference in the way the horses move when they first go in a Trilogy saddle."

In your opinion, what makes Trilogy saddles stand out against its competitors? 

"Definitely the quality and design of the saddles, as well as the comfort for the horse and rider. The service and commitment to excellence and the continuing improvement to the products and education of the fitters makes them stand out."

Do you currently own a horse or compete as a dressage rider?

"Yes, I am a competitive dressage rider.  I have shown up through Intermediate I. I have four horses: an older FEI horse, and three up and coming horses. One is five years old, one is four years old and the other is a yearling. They are all Dutch Warmbloods. I am excited to get them in the show ring next year!"

If you are interested in learning about career opportunities with Trilogy Performance Saddlery, please email your résumé highlighting professional and equestrian experience to Debbie Witty, Trilogy Performance Saddlery's founder and president, at as well as a cover letter explaining why the opportunity would be a perfect career for you.

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