Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 20

Peter Bannister & Amanda Altemus
Name: Peter Bannister
Age: 17
Hometown: Kensington
Local Program: Exeter Area Athletes
Sports: Athletics, Bowling & Swimming

Peter Bannister is in his 6 th year participating in Special Olympics and has had a great experience with it so far. Peter got involved in Special Olympics when the special education department at his middle school suggested he try participating. He has enjoyed it ever since. Jim Tufts, his athletics coach at Exeter, has the made the experience a lot of fun and super easy for him. His mother added that, “He gave Peter two high school student coaches and they did a fantastic job making Peter and myself more comfortable.” In athletics, Peter competes in the softball throw, 50 meter run, 100 meter run, and long jump.
Name: Amanda Altemus
Age: 13
Hometown: Bedford
Local Program: Bedford Bobcats
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Bowling, Golf & Softball

This year is Amanda’s fifth year participating in the Special Olympics. Amanda joined the Bedford Bobcats when she was in fifth grade and has not looked back. Amanda’s favorite sport is athletics. She competes in the 200 meter, standing long jump, softball throw, and the 4x100 relay. Amanda's introduction to Special Olympics was playing golf. After that first golfing experience, she basically picked up another sport every season and has enjoyed all of them. In addition, Amanda’s experience with the Bedford Bobcats has been very positive and a lot of fun. Her mother explained that, “The team was great because she was really young at the time and a lot of the individuals on the team and unified partners were much older. But they embraced us and her and it was great.”