October 2014

Meet Pip the Penguin

Children admitted to the Child and Teen Unit get a passport to collect stamps for every brave moment while at the hospital.


North York General Hospital is proud to officially introduce the newest member of our paediatric family, Pip the Penguin.

"Bringing a child to the hospital can be scary and cause anxiety, and we want to make that experience as comfortable as possible for families," says Dr. Ronik Kanani, Chief of Paediatrics. 

Named by our young patients, the community and staff earlier this year, Pip can be found on the 3rd floor's Child and Teen Unit and paediatric outpatient clinics. Children visiting the hospital are welcomed by our new mascot and are reassured North York General is a child-friendly place that will take good care of them.

Learn more and get a sneak peek at Pip's story book and passport. 

Taking the sting out of a stick 
The VeinViewer uses near-infrared light to locate under-the-skin blood vessels.


Ask any nurse and they'll tell you needles are a big fear for many patients - the mere thought of them can cause heart palpitations, fainting and nausea.

"It's a phobia that can hit anyone," says Helen Kelly, a nurse in the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency at North York General Hospital. "I've seen some of the toughest-looking patients go white when they see a needle."

Helen, a 14-year veteran of the Emergency Department (ED), takes great pride in being able to find the flattest, smallest and trickiest of veins. "Because I know needles can cause so much upset, I focus very hard on getting them inserted properly the very first time," she says. "There are situations, however, such as with severely dehydrated and constricted veins, when it's nearly impossible to get it in one shot."

That's where the ED's new VeinViewer comes to the rescue. The department recently purchased the sophisticated technology after testing it on a trial basis. 

See photos of the VeinViewer and learn more.

Reduce your risk of getting the flu this year

Hands holding up vaccination sign  

Influenza poses significant health risks to Canadians each year, particularly high-risk groups including older adults, infants and those with underlying medical conditions. 

This fall, North York General Hospital will join a number of Toronto hospitals in adopting a comprehensive approach to reducing in-hospital transmission of influenza, including a vaccinate-or-mask policy for the health and safety of our patients and staff. 

Learn more about what North York General is doing and the two things you can do.  


Peer navigator joins Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Services
The peer navigator assists people seeking care in the Emergency Department.

For some, rediscovering hope stems from a single conversation with a person who was once in a similar situation.

The Krasman Centre and North York General Hospital are pleased to announce the introduction of a peer navigator to the team in North York General's Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency.

Drawing from their own lived experiences with mental health and/or addiction challenges, the peer navigator assists people seeking care in the Emergency Department by connecting patients with community support. 


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