S. J. JANANIY (SUBRAMANIAN JAYA JANANIY) IS A MULTI GLOBAL AWARD WINNING COMPOSER who has received Indian National Award & State Awards; she is a Film Score Composer, a Polygenre Indie Artist, a Carnatic & Hindustani Classical Vocalist, Western Classical Singer, and Music Director. With 25-plus years of music experience, she produces and performs on select projects as a lead vocalist, playback singer, songwriter, music producer, record producer, instrumentalist (keyboard, piano, harmonium, percussionist). Jananiy is the owner of 3 Dot Recording Studios and JSJ Audio in Chennai, India. She often serves as a Music Director, composer and performer at major live events and festivals, and is rated as an "A Grade" artist of All India Radio. "I found my love for music at a very young age. My uncle, who is also a musician, recognized my talent and nurtured it. I gave my first performance at the age of five and was trained in the Indian Classical art form, Carnatic music. I was awarded the National Award for exceptional achievement in Classical Music from the Government of India, when I was seven”. She won the global honor "InterContinental Music Awards 2022, LA, USA" - Best of Asia, “Peace Song Awards" 2018, LA, USA, "The Akademia" Award Winner, March 2019 & has won 6 Global Music Awards, La Jolla, California, USA, 2019 & 2022. She is a Global Musical Ambassador. 

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"I HAVE A WIDE VARIETY AND ARRAY OF GENRES THAT INSPIRE ME, including Indian Trap and Indian Classical Music. When I experiment with different genres, I have many ideas popping up in my mind, and I need to clearly execute them. For example, when I collaborated with the GVA Records, Sofia Session Orchestra in Bulgaria, I created a Symphony Music in an unusual mode in Western Classical Music, and it is Raga Pantuvarali, in the Indian Classical Music. This was an entirely new sound for the orchestra to play, and it was interesting to see how the orchestra backed up my melody. Because of my strong foundation in Indian Classical Music, I’m able to experiment with almost all genres of music." Genres - World, Pop, Electronic, Film Score Composer, Soundtrack, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Indian & Western Classical, Symphony, Fusion, Spiritual/Healing Music in Vocal & Instrumental.

"Brahma Kumaris' Malayalam Song - Maunamayoru Yathrayil"



2023 ISSA (International Singers- Songwriters Association) Finalist Song “Kelunga Kelunga (Anti-Drug/Tobacco Awareness Song)” is an attribute to the SOCIAL CAUSE of consciously recovering from the addiction to tobacco, drugs & liquor, signifying the fact #TobaccoIsKillingUsAndOurPlanet; This awareness song portrays the importance of health & the ill effects on health caused by the consumption of tobacco, drugs & liquor & the addictions to it, and easily recovering from this addiction through the Rajyoga Meditation of Brahma Kumaris, World Spiritual University. This wonderful track is composed, music produced, arranged & record produced by S. J. Jananiy. Magnificently sung by Legend Padma Vibhushan Dr. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, who is hugely popular through the Indian Film Industry & fondly remembered for his golden voice. On the female lead vocals are S. J. Jananiy’s vocals. The Lyrics are written by N. Kumar. YouTube link - Here is my "World Peace Song - Sneham Ezhuga” that I produced to inspire that vision"


I AM VERY THANKFUL TO GOD that I cannot even say that I faced any kind of down in my musical career. Starting from the very beginning, I have had a great journey in music, and I am very happy and grateful for all the memorable moments. There have only been ups in my career, and all the memories are so refreshing in my mind. Being with music is such a blessing in this world, and I hope it continues to be this way. 

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