To Friends Of
Cave Creek Canyon

"The mountains are calling and I must go"
John Muir,  1873

                                        Sally [Winn] Falls 
 [Tim Lawson]

About 2 weeks ago, I spent a night at my own favorite viewpoint for Winn Falls (previously known as Sally Falls)   It was a cold night, but the views were incredible. I was surprised when I hiked in as I had never before seen the lower series of cascades below the falls. [Tim Lawson]

Taken 2 weeks later, the falls are frozen, with big balls of ice evident.  [Cecil Williams]

Who was Sally?

 Sally and James Coryell's internment in the Paradise Cemetery a few miles from Portal.  Their young son and only child James Wesley, Jr. is buried nearby.  He died at age 8 or 9 from unknown causes.

According to long term Portal resident Ted Troller, Sally was a very bubbly and out-going person, who was very, very nice to him and the other kids.  

It is believed she was a dispatch operator, perhaps for the Forest Service.  She married James about 1919.  The eventually owned the Coryell ranch in Paradise, just north of Galeyville and later moved to Douglas.  She was much loved in the area and at some time the Falls were named after her, perhaps by the locals.

Later, the Coryell ranch was bought by Ralph Morrow.

Frederick Winn [1880-1945] was supervisor of the Coronado National Forest and based in Tucson from 1925-1942 when he retired.  

The local story is that sometime after he retired the Forest Service wanted to honor him and selected a waterfall to name after him.  It was later decided that the selected waterfall was not enough of a waterfall to honor him.  So someone decided to change the name of Sally Falls to Winn Falls.  The locals were never asked and were very upset about the change.  For years and years afterwards, they all referred to it as Sally Falls.   They still do as do some of us newcomers!

When you go up the Herb Martyr Rd to see the Falls, be sure and say hello to Sally.

FOCCC Plans for 2018    
Visitor Information Center  -   Now operated by FOCCC
    * Lead Interpretive walks
    * Have bi-weekly activities at the VIC: education, birding, photography and more
    * Educational outreach to schools - students are brought to experience the forest, mountains and creatures.  We will provide experts in many different fields to open their minds to the real world.
    * Improve South Fork trail 
    * Improve the Nature trail and also provide  a guide designating the different fauna
    *  Supporting the Forest Service in numerous projects and funding.  We are contributing $1700 to fix the well and pump so there will be water at the campgrounds.
    * New Project:  FOCCC will be providing a porta potty at the end of South Fork Rd. from March 15 - Sept. 15.   Also, one will be placed at the John Hands area during the holidays.  If people that use these facilities make a donation, we may be able to continue providing the service.  The cost for the six months is $1350 for rental and periodic cleaning.
Willow Tank
    *  Continue the rejuvenation project
    *  Raise the island to provide better nesting habitat
    *  Eliminate bull frogs
    *  Possibly introduce leopard frog
    *  Provide shade covering 

Friends o f Cave Creek Canyon
Wish List
Garden Coordinator to manage VIC wildflower and native plant  gardens supported by other volunteers. Retiring present coordinator, Barbara Miller, is available for consultation and some work.
Contact Mike Williams [520-558-1045] for further information. 

Education Outreach Coordinator to contact educators in the surrounding communities to schedule class events in Cave Creek Canyon and to develop a set of grade-appropriate activities for those events. Contact Reed Peters [520-558-2334] or Mike Williams [520-558-1045] for further information. 

    * 10 Binoculars to be used in the educational outreach programs, including student groups from local schools.

    * 1-2 Spotting scopes to be used in educational outreach and bird walks.

Join Friends of 
Cave Creek Canyon

This issue is being sent to all members of the Portal-Rodeo community that are on the  community email lists.  

FOCCC provides many activities and events that benefit the entire community.  Please consider joining FOCCC and support your community and your mountains.


Taken from the Visitor Information Center

                                                                                                            [Don Arneson]  
Here's The VIC!

The Cave Creek Canyon
Visitor Information Center was
built in 1924.  

In 2017, visitation at the Center almost doubled from 2017, with over 8000 people came to the VIC.  Our many volunteers donated over 3000 hours  during 2017.

Over the decades the walkways have deteriorated extensively and were quite dangerous.   Additionally, the paths and the walkways are not handicapped accessible and need to be raised with a hard surface applied.

We asked for your support and have raised over $5000 through  GoFundMe and direct donations for this $7000 project.  

We have made great progress with the stone walkway and are almost finished!


We Are Very Proud Of Our New Stone Pathway! 
Please Come Check It Out

[Cecil Williams]

The February Rain Was Gratefully
 Accepted  In This Dry Year

        [Images by Debb Johnson and Cecil Williams]

                                                                                                                                      [Don Arneson]

Stories of the Past 

The Chiricahua Bullsheet, an entertaining and highly opinionated newsletter and journal of local history written by Carson Morrow
Courtesy of Dick Zweifel 

In past issues we have mentioned a few of the people who resided in Paradise during its heyday. This time we will give you the names, occupations and as much other data as we remember regarding each person mentioned. 
Charles M. Randolph was born and grew up at Roswell New Mexico. His uncle A. T. Prather was in the mercantile and hotel business at Rodeo for a good many years; Being the builder and one time owner of the building which now houses the Rodeo Post Office also the Gypsum Block store building presently owned by Buford Martin. Charley came to Paradise in 1903 and went in partners with W. K. Morrow in the Saloon Business. 
There is an old road sign now in the John Hands Museum at Portal which advertised their business among others. They remained partners for only a short time when he bought Morrow's interest (More about the Morrow tribe later). Charley was a tall extremely thin man and wore a big handle bar mustache in keeping with the times. He was kindly, Gentlemanly, and universally liked. He suffered most of the time with some sort of stomach trouble, probably cancer, and died in 1906, while still in his thirties. he was the second person buried in the Paradise Cemetery. 
Patrick Welch was a little old fat Irishman who came to Paradise from the Old Country Via. God knows where. He was always well dressed and mannerly and just about as wide as he was high. His Saloon Building was one of the last of the business structures to be torn down and moved away. 
After the mine shut down and the town started going to pieces, Pat became his own best and just about only customer. Some time before his liquor stock was entirely depleted and the Pink Elephants, Green Lizards etc. got to chasing him and he was committed to the Insane asylum at Phoenix. He probably died there as nothing has been heard of him since. 
Alejo Bedoya owned and operated the Mexican Saloon. It was located on the road leading up to the Chiricahua Mine just West of the main drag. He had a family of two daughters and one son, Frances, Minnie and Alejo Jr. His wife had died some time before he moved to Paradise from Solomonville, Arizona, she was a sister to old Mart Moore's wife, Maria. 
Frances was a big fat girl and Minnie was as cute as a speckled pup. Several of the young blades of about Walter Reeds vintage used to squire her around when they got the chance. Alejo Jr. was almost a genius at arithmetic and often did Carson Morrow and other's lessons for them just for fun. 
When the crash came old Alejo moved back to Solomonville where he finally cashed in; The girls both married Syrians who used to run fruit and vegetable stands in Douglas, and later moved out to California. They visited the writer at Border patrol headquarters in Tucson about ten years ago and they were both so big and fat that they could hardly get in through the wide door. 
Alejo Jr. died of acute alcoholism at Solomonville before he was thirty years of age. He had acquired the habit while he was still going to school at Paradise from snitching liquor out of his old man's saloon. 

Ring-tailed Cats

They are being seen in many locations from the campgrounds, along Cave Creek, west of Portal and in Portal itself.  These pictures are from Debb Johnson.  


Images from Tim Lawson


Female Williamson's Sapsucker
                                                                                                                                             [Debb Johnson]

FOCCC 2017 Officers and Board

Reed Peters         President                                            Other Board Members  
Sheri Ashley        Vice President                           Bob Ashley     Wynne Brown  
Mike Williams      Vice President 
                       Alan Craig     Rene Donaldson
Rick Beno 
Rolf Koford         Kim Vacariu
Stevie Wayman    Secretary
  Cecil Williams




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