Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 17

Sean Corcoran & Alex Ellison
Name: Sean Corcoran
Age: 31
Hometown: Litchfield
Local Program: PLUS Pride
Sports: Basketball, Softball & Bowling

Sean Corcoran’s favorite thing about Special Olympics is simple…winning gold medals. Sean’s father remembered the time when Sean won his first medal, saying “Sean was ecstatic when he won his first gold medal, he could not contain himself. He would show everyone at church and would bring it everywhere he went.” Sean started participating in Special Olympics events when he was 22 years old and his favorite sport is softball. He loves to hit the ball as hard as possible.

Sean’s father believes that Special Olympics has really boosted his confidence. It has helped him develop athletically and he has made big improvements. For example, he now plays on the A team instead of the B team, which he was really happy about and has thoroughly enjoyed. Before Special Olympics, Sean was always bored, but since he joined Special Olympics it has become a lot more engaged with his peers and enjoys the comradery that he did not have before. When his father was asked about his favorite memory he remembered Sean’s first softball game. He explained that, “Sean was whacking the ball out there, he was running around the bases, and he just could not wipe the smile off of his face.” Sean has had a lot of fun so far and is really looking forward to seeing what will go in the future. 
Name: Alex Ellison
Age: 11
Hometown: Nashua
Local Program: Nashua Special Olympics
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Bowling, Softball & Swimming

This will be Alex Ellison’s third year participating in Special Olympics, and he has taken full advantage of the sports that are offered. His favorite sport to participate in is athletics because he loves to run. Before Special Olympics, Alex did not really participate in sports. Now, with Special Olympics, he is always participating and active. From his experiences he has been able to meet a lot of new people and create friendships. His mother explained that she has seen a change in his attitude since being a part of Special Olympics. She said that, “He is not as withdrawn as he used to be, he remembers people’s names, which used to be a problem for him, his confidence is up and he can be a social butterfly when he wants to be.”