March 2021 - Celebrating the Women of LUM
Wes's Weekly Wrap Up - Heartwarming Glimpse
In this edition of Wes's Weekly Wrap Up, Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, shares a heartwarming glimpse of the work of Lafayette Urban Ministry. The story of Steven, a single father of three needing immediate help. See more heartwarming LUM stories below. Please take 59 seconds to watch the video and SHARE with others.
Meet Shirley - Superstar LUM Volunteer
Shirley Robertson - Good Samaritan Program
Shirley Robertson grew up on a farm in Kentland, Indiana. Growing up in Newton County along the creek, her life was her family and their cattle, sheep & chickens. Her family instilled in her this motto: “Save, Give & Spend.” And this is how she aspires to live even today.

After earning a bachelor’s in Music Education from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and a Master’s in Music from Butler University, Shirley became the music teacher and marching band director for the Benton Central School Corporation and stayed for more than 19 years. Just as she was thinking about a change, a position opened up at Sunnyside Elementary School and Shirley became their music educator for the final 12 years of her career.

Being true to her family’s motto, Shirley “gives” to her community. At LUM, she has been a volunteer in the Good Samaritan Program since 2009, when she was recruited by then director, Mary Anderson. She stated that, “What I enjoy about LUM is that we ask, ‘What can we do TODAY to help this individual or family?’ LUM is caring, action oriented, positive, uplifting and nonjudgmental.” Shirley identifies with the Servant Leader model and shared that, “My day is so much better when I help someone else, especially my neighbors in need.” This is evident in the story below about a recent time she assisted a client at LUM.

Shirley is one of our favorite volunteers for the joy she brings to LUM each morning she volunteers. At LUM, Shirley is also involved with the Jubilee Christmas program through her church, Elston Presbyterian Church, and with Hunger Hike. In her free time, Shirley still enjoys playing the piano, walking and playing golf. She lives with her cat, Noodle (named for the golf ball brand), in east Lafayette.

LUM appreciates Shirley for allowing us to tell her story — which she agreed to reluctantly. Shirley avoids the limelight because she is serving in honor of her family’s motto. She agreed because she hopes that sharing her experiences will encourage others to invest in Lafayette Urban Ministry and/or commit to getting engaged as a volunteer. LUM is truly blessed to have Shirley as a part of our team.
LUM Service Day - Engaging for Good
Local Students & Church Members Help at LUM
Last weekend, dozens of volunteers spent part of their weekend at Lafayette Urban Ministry. Their hard work has already made such a significant positive impact on our ministry. LUM is blessed to live in such a generous and engaged community.
LUM Service Day was Saturday, and more than 30 volunteers help clean, do yardwork, and assemble new furniture and shelving units for the LUM shelter, youth programs and main office. On Sunday, 25 members of Grace Lutheran Church cleaned and disinfected the LUM Emergency Shelter. They were able to dust, deep clean and disinfect many areas that need more than day-to-day cleaning.

This week, the LUM shelter guests have new chairs and a brighter, cleaner shelter; and the LUM students were so excited about their new cubbies & bins, toy shelves and chairs. The LUM teachers appreciate the new furniture and deep cleaning of the youth center area. The entire LUM staff appreciates the volunteers for raking, cleaning & weeding outside of each property and for cleaning the LUM office, assembling new chairs and organizing our donations closet with shelves and carts. It is incredible how much work was accomplished by these volunteers in one weekend.

LUM thanks all of our volunteers and the groups represented are as follows: Grace Lutheran Church, McCutcheon High School, Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co., the Knights of the Holy Temple (St. Mary Cathedral), and from Purdue University —
Shoemaker Cooperative, Stewart Cooperative, Gamma Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Chi Beta Chapter of Chi Omega Sorority, and Indiana Epsilon Iota Chapter of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. Their commitment to getting involved to making this a better community for everyone is heartwarming and commendable.
Boiler Up! Go Knights! Go Mavs!
Mission Moment - The Story of a Single Father
Shirley Advocates For & Reunites Family
LUM Good Samaritan Program advocate, Shirley Robertson, spoke with Steven, a single father of three children, who had his gas & electric service disconnected. In the meantime, he was heating his apartment with the oven, and temporarily moved his children in with their grandmother.

This father had many difficulties pile on in quick succession beginning with a cancer diagnosis in early January. Steven's work hours were then reduced due COVID-19 because he was consider high risk, but the cancer treatments continued.

Steven was having a hard time getting the help needed to restore his service. Shirley made a phone call to his utility provider to determine the amount he needed to get his service restored. She created a plan, which drew from a few different funds, to come up with the total amount this local family needed. After the amount was pledged, his service was restored and his family was reunited, Steven called Shirley at LUM. Speaking with her, he became emotional. He was holding back tears of gratitude, not only for the help that was offered, but also for the opportunity to personally thank Shirley for her kindness and compassion in listening to his story and offering guidance through a new and scary experience.
New LUM Logo - Revealed Friday, April 16
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