Bulldog Spotlight--
Meet Polo

In The Beginning:
Two great things happened to me on the same day. No. 1 ~ I was rescued and No. 2 ~ I had a bath!

I know a bath is something most people take for granted, but not me. It was a dream come true. The lady who picked me up said I did not exactly smell like roses. Plus, the sight of my fleas frightened her. But I am all fixed up now. It was weird when she lathered me up in Dawn dishwashing liquid, but that did the trick. I am now proud to be flea-free.

I wish I could tell you more about me, but that’s all I really know. I was dropped off at a local shelter and the people said they found me.

I was super scared in the shelter. It was small and there were a lot of dogs barking. If one dog barked, they all joined in on the noise.

I am just two years old and weigh 53 pounds.

In His Foster Home:
Let me tell you what I LOVE… I LOVE my foster mom. When I see her, I run full speed ahead to get to her! Jumping and twisting and turning… nothing makes me happier than her! She is teaching me how to sit and how to try containing my excitement. It is working ~ with a lot of treats. After a few bags, I have that “sit-like-a-good-boy” command down.

I’ve learned the crate is my friend and that is where I eat. I am using a “slow feeder” that looks like a puzzle. I believe in my other life I didn’t get enough to eat because I can make a bowl of food vanish, swallowing everything whole. Once I got here, I realized there was not a limit on kibble, so I am slowing down and learning to chew.

Unfortunately, we learned I was heartworm positive. Ugh…. that’s no fun. And pretty gross, right? I had some special medicine and two shots and then had to lay around and do mostly nothing for a whole month. I had my heartworm treatment freedom day on the March 30 and I was treated with LOTS of BALLS to play with! Balls, balls, and more balls!

I LOVE walks! My foster dad says I’m the best walker he’s ever met. I would love to come and walk with you forever.

For more information on Polo, check out his page on our website.