Beyond Boundary Institute
2020 Annual Professional Development Workshops
“Transformational Reality Check” an interactive virtual experience!”

Welcome to Beyond Boundary Institute’s annual 2020 professional development day of workshops. We have a myriad of speakers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with attendees. Your exploration will unveil your past and current status as a visionary . Each workshop will be a transformation reality check to empower you to determine your next steps as an author, business or ministry leader. You will gain tools, grow your network and resources to continue your journey of building capacity and sustainability in your vocation. Bring your entire team and together expand your territory.
Host: Karynthia Glasper-Phillips
Bonus class with registration Friday September 25, 2020 7:30PM CST.
How to use software to write a sermon, meditation, bible study, devotional or book manuscript with Brent Carter (Friday Night 7:30PM CST) For more information and to register for BBI ZOOM links and handouts- materials will be emailed.

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Brian Allain
Brian Allain leads 
Writing for Your Life, a resource center for spiritual writers, and provides marketing services for authors and companies through Who Are You Trying To Serve? His work includes the Publishing in Color conference series, which is intended to increase the number of books published by spiritual writers of color, who have been under-represented in terms of the number of books published.   
Nuts and Bolts a published Author
Learning to appreciate and value your story, expertise to train others and provide resources in book form. This workshop will offer insight into the process and resource of becoming published.
Dr. Evelyn J. Taylor
Dr. Evelyn Johnson-Taylor is an author, speaker, theology professor, ordained minister, and a certified coach. She has served as a women’s ministry leader since 1994 and is passionate about encouraging, empowering, and equipping women to win in life. She believes every woman has a purpose focused dream, and she wants to help her make it a reality.  
Women Called to Ministry Focus:
1. What is needed to fulfill the assignment 
2. The importance of spiritual covering 
3. Challenges faced in answering
4. Protective measures for women called to itinerant ministry 
5. Contracts and Speaker fees
Derek Young
Derek Young, author, speaker and consultant.  DY blends his God-given abilities to connect with his audiences and clients to provide a unique plethora of experiences projecting the big-picture, and front-line work experience as an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurial Leadership
1. How to identify your business, ministry, or hobby. 
2. How to effectively lead your team in any organizational sector.
3. Value self-investment
4. Lead with four Keys