Dear Volunteers of The Honeycomb Project,

The Honeycomb Project recently introduced eight members to its newly announced pilot program, the Honeycomb Leadership Council. The Honeycomb Leadership Council consists of members ranging from the ages of 14-18 from the diverse neighborhoods of Chicago and the suburbs of Illinois. With the different backgrounds of our members, we share individual values and priorities of the people and their communities.

This spring, The Honeycomb Project hosted its first introductory meeting for members to become familiarized with the organization's mission, and to connect with other members of the HLC. Following brief introductions by The Honeycomb Project's team and members of the HLC were attempts to construct the tallest freestanding structure to hold a marshmallow with only the use of 20 sticks of spaghetti, and a one-yard length of tape and string. The challenge was aimed towards learning how to effectively problem solve, while also having an opportunity to practice leadership skills. With limited resources and a short amount of time, the attempts and ideas to successfully execute this could not have gone through without multiple alterations and adjustments along the way. With the HLC divided into two separate teams, the designs of the two towers had their own distinctive qualities and characteristics, and the outcomes of the freestanding towers for the two teams ended very differently.

We also spent the March meeting drafting individual biographies addressing our own backgrounds, personal goals, and things we love most about Chicago. Individual member's biographies may be found here.

The March meeting also served to develop discussions and establish individual and group goals, and program expectations. We concluded from the discussions that raising awareness for values and issues within communities of Chicago is an aspect the HLC would like to carry into completing a final project. Members of the HLC prioritize the significance of developing the embodiment of exceptional leadership and communication skills. The HLC would also like to promote and start projects in underrepresented neighborhoods with the understanding and acceptance of its circumstances. We look forward to generating a final project that would produce a permanent and positive impact within the area that the issue falls under.

We are eager and extremely thrilled to participate and connect with you and other volunteers at the volunteer projects by The Honeycomb Project soon.

Yours Truly,
The Honeycomb Leadership Council 


THE HLC took on the challenge of creating a fun, all-ages playlist for our volunteer projects. With eclectic mix of bands like Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Ariana Grande, Wilco and The Strokes, you'll be hooked too. Stream it on Spotify: HONEYCOMBCHI.