Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 5

Tim Packard & Lorrie Strand
Name: Tim Packard
Age: 20
Hometown: Swanzey
Local Program: Monadnock Huskies
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Bowling & Softball

Tim Packard is a senior at Monadnock Regional High School (MRHS). His coach, Mary Shepardson, refers to him as “Mr. Special Olympics” at their school. In art class, Tim designed a team flag that his art teacher has helped him transfer from paper to a canvas flag. Tim brings the flag to competitions and fundraisers for the team. Tim serves as one of the waiters when the local Applebee's sponsors a pancake breakfast fundraiser each year for the team. Tim is in the French Club, React Club, and part of MRHS's "Dude. Be Nice" student driven school climate improvement program. Tim has participated in the High School Plunge twice to help fundraise for his team.

When asked what it is that keeps Tim so active in Special Olympics, he explained that, “I have fun. I like winning gold medals and I have made a lot of friends.”

Tim’s mom, Andrea Packard, said that for Tim, Special Olympics has also taught him a lot about competition. “At first,” Andrea recalled, “it wasn’t a lot of fun [for Tim] if he didn’t get gold. But with all the other benefits, he has learned that it is ok and that you can’t win all the time. He gets excited for his friends to win. He’s learned to make practices and give it all you’ve got to make sure you can do a little better the next year.”
Name: Lorrie Strand
Age: 48
Hometown: Chester, VT
Local Program: Claremont Cool Cats
Sports: Bowling, Snowshoeing & Swimming

Before Special Olympics, life for Lorrie was a little boring. She had just moved to the area with her family from Florida. She didn’t know anyone, and as a result didn’t have a lot to do. Luckily, Lorrie’s new neighbors told her about Special Olympics. Lorrie joined right away and hasn’t looked back! She has been participating now for 15 years and still loves going for golf as often as she can.