Tracy C. Lemmon, Founder
Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution
2021 Raymond Shonholtz Visionary Peacemaker Award Recipient
As a leader in the Mediation Movement, Tracy is a staunch advocate for mediation as the key to a sustainable civil society, as well as a bridge between community and professional mediators. Tracy’s vision is to harness the power of community and professional peacemakers to create a more just society.

Tracy has been a champion of mediation for almost thirty years. As an undergraduate, she trained with the Community Boards’ affiliate in Durham North Carolina. In collaboration with the Duke University and the Durham Dispute Settlement Center, Tracy researched the efficacy of mediated resolutions while also conducting community mediations.

Tracy’s passion for peacemaking drove her to UCLA Law School, where she explored alternatives to litigation and researched the growth and the potential of what she christened the “Mediation Movement.”

For over twenty years, Tracy has been a passionate advocate for Community Boards. She has volunteered as a mediator, trainer, coach, outreach coordinator, public relations liaison, and course developer. In 2005 Community Boards’ founder Raymond Shonholtz asked Tracy to join the Board of Directors. Tracy served as President of the Board from 2009 to 2012. Under her leadership, Community Boards initiated the annual SF Peacemaker Awards, hired Darlene Weide as Executive Director, found a new home in Opera Plaza, collaborated with JAMS to host monthly trainings, started a membership program, developed specialized services and launched the Advisory Council. Tracy has been the President of Community Boards’ Advisory Council since its’ inception.

As a California attorney since 1997, Tracy has applied her conflict resolution skills to civil litigation, often leading to “out of the box” win-win resolutions. Acting as a both a neutral mediator and as a zealous advocate for her clients, Tracy developed her own method for achieving mutually satisfying, efficient resolutions of both community conflict and litigated cases.

As a pioneer in resolution-oriented advocacy, Tracy founded her own law firm, Lemmon Employment Law & Conflict Resolution in 2012. By harmonizing her conflict resolution and litigation skills and experience, Tracy is forging a new path forward in efficiently and effectively resolving employment disputes, raising awareness and institutionalizing change.

Tracy is deeply honored to accept the Raymond Shonholtz’ Visionary Peacemaker Award, named in honor of her friend and mentor, Raymond Shonholtz.