Home Visitor Newsletter Edition!

Sonoma County Public Health houses 3 amazing and dynamic

Home Visiting programs within our downtown office in Santa Rosa. This newsletter will highlight each program and acquaint you with what each one has to offer your patients/clients. Navigating pregnancy and preparing for birth plus parenting are stressful and overwhelming enough. Having a knowledgeable guide and advocate through it all who listens and cares can make all the difference to a new family. We also have exciting staffing updates!

Scroll until the end for a link to our referral form!

Nurse Family Partnership

Enrollment occurs during First Pregnancy

From Nursing Supervisor Amanda Elderkin:

Nurse-Family Partnership has now been here in Sonoma county for 13 years. We have a team of 5 amazing nurses and all but one are bilingual and bicultural. We are currently accepting referrals and prioritizing those with known risk factors, so more is better when filing out a referral form. We enroll clients who are under 28 weeks of pregnancy, low income and preparing to parent for the first time. We remain available to support our families until graduation at age 2. We had our fall Graduation on November 16th at Franklin Park and invited current and past clients to join the celebration. Congratulations graduates!

Trauma Informed Approach Public Health Nursing (TIA-PHN)

From Nursing Supervisor Paloma Engel:

TIA-PHN supports families with young children up to age 5 who may have high-risk or complex medical or social needs. We have been very understaffed for the last few months and our waiting list has been growing, but we are currently onboarding three wonderful new PHNs and have one more coming in the new year and we are so excited to be moving families off of our waiting list and assigning them to our amazing nurses. We also recently offered a full-time regular position to our second Community Health Worker; our CHWs are incredible health educators and are deeply appreciated by the communities that we serve.

Teen Parent Connections

From Supervisor Kem Mahiri:

Teen Parent Connections has a history of over 35 years helping pregnant and parenting teens in Sonoma County reach for their full potential and healthy outcomes for their families. With such a long trajectory, the long-term effects of this work can be seen more clearly as we are able to see young parents become young professionals and effective heads of household for their families. In this newsletter we would like to share that three of our very valued staff members for Home visiting are graduates of Teen Parent Connections! Picture below.

They were young parents and students who are now contributing back to the program and community as social workers and senior office assistant. The very personal knowledge and sensibility that they bring to the work has been very inspiring to the clients and to the Home visiting team.

TPC alumni: Natalie Hernandez, Claudia Cendejas, Betsabe Aparicio

How do clients enroll?

Clients can either be referred by any provider or they can self refer

Click here for the universal referral form. Here is the number to call to make a referral by phone: (707)-565-4440

 You don't have to figure out which program they qualify for. We can take care of all of those details!


Have a warm and wonderful rest of the holiday season!

Wishing you a happy and hopeful 2024!

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