Meet the Saintil family in Phaeton...
Dr. Oris with Mr. and Mrs. Saintil at their home.

January 1, 2019

We continue our interview series with this conversation with the Saintil family in the village of Phaeton. Phaeton is a small fishing village in the northeast part of the country. We've been working with this village for several years. On a recent visit, we learned about a dream the family has to improve their lives. Dr. Oris Guillaume conducts the interview below.

Dr. Oris: Good afternoon. We are here in Phaeton and w e would like to ask a family how they are doing. First of all, please tell us your names.

Mr. Saintil: My name is Saintil Marc Pierre.

Mrs. Saintil: My name is Madame Saintil Marc Pierre.

Dr. Oris: We are happy to be with you in Phaeton. Ca n you please tell me how many children you have?

Mr. & Mrs. Saintil: We have nine children.

Dr. Oris: Would y ou please tell me your ages?

Mr. Saintil: I am 44 years old.

Mrs. Saintil: I am 42 years old.

Dr. Oris: How do you make a living here with your children?

Mr. Saintil: I am a fisherman.

Mrs. Saintil: And I sell fish, and I cook in a small restaurant.

Dr. Oris: Would you like your restaurant to grow and be more successful?

Mrs. Saintil: Yes, God willing.

Dr. Oris: If you had the means, what would you do to make your restaurant grow?

Mrs. Saintil: I would increase my capacity to cook more food.

Dr. Oris: What last word do you have for the visitors at your home today?

Mrs. Saintil: Well, it's a gift that God sent you our way.

Dr. Oris: Thank you for your time, and may God bless you.

The Saintil family with seven of their nine children.

Haiti Cheri was able to give this family a little financial boost to help them with their dream to expand their restaurant and better care for their children. It is inspiring to find someone who takes initiative and needs only a little assistance to dramatically improve their circumstances. We are grateful for your financial support which makes it possible for us to improve one life at a time.
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