Meet a Guide  Mark Bilingslea


 Colorado Springs, Colorado (Born in Texas)



 Mark is married to Debbie and they have three children.  Elizabeth lives in Haiti and works for Mission Of Hope.  David, married to Meredith, has one daughter, Evelyn Hope.  They live in Richardson, TX, while David studies at Redeemer Theological Seminary.  Becca is a full time student at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and graduates this May. 



 "I'm an avid hunter, including Colorado big game, but I have a passion (ok, maybe more like an obsession) for any sort of bird hunting. My calendar revolves around the fall (upland game, waterfowl) and the spring (turkey) hunting seasons. I enjoy an annual trip to East Texas every May to bass fish with my fly rod. Wham  !"  



 Director Of Operations, Concealed Honor, LLC"After 30+ years in 'Corporate America,' I was able to follow my heart for investing in people. As an avid hunter and handgun enthusiast, I began working with non-profits and young men, to pass on my knowledge, skills and experiences with firearms. I found that I had an ability to remove the fear and anxiety from my students and help them be confident and capable in the use and care of their firearms. After discovering that I shared the Concealed Honor passion to empower the honor and integrity in people, I joined the Concealed Honor staff in 2013. I am an NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle and Home Firearm Safety disciplines and Range Safety Officer (RSO). I have held a Colorado Concealed Carry permit since 2009 and have my Concealed Defense certification from Concealed Hono


Why Training Ground?

"I did not grow up hunting and fishing. In fact, it wasn't until my mid-twenties that a man in my church took me under his wing and invited me into his world of adventure. He tutored me in the ways of mule deer hunting, but more importantly, he mentored me in my masculine journey. He also taught me about life and the value of loving God with all my heart, mind, strength and loving others as myself.  When I asked him why he chose to invest in me, he answered, 'Men need men, and we are each a link in the chain.'  Training Ground is where I can be a link in the chain of each man who comes through the program.  I hope to pass on to them what was passed to me."


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