Meet a Guide: Nathan Johnson 


Location: Colorado Springs, CO


Family: I am married to my amazing and beautiful wife of 2� years, Elizabeth. I have a dad, mom, and brother who is married to a wonderful woman. 


Interests: I enjoy creating great memories with my wife and just being with her (she is awesome!). I love hanging out with my friends and am so thankful for my unique and creative friends and family. I like many sports including basketball, baseball, football, Aussie Rules Footie, and recently soccer. I enjoy hunting, hiking and just being in the outdoors (I hope to learn fly fishing soon). I love reading great authors, writing, listening to music, singing and going to live music events. I also like woodworking and grilling steaks, enjoy a good scotch from time to time, and a smoke: pipes & cigars.


Occupation/Professional Experience: After helping build a new construction company for the past three years and taking it to a successful place, I am currently researching my next work adventure. Before that, I spent eight years in the mortgage industry and started my own company. I have had so many jobs they are too long to list here. One odd, yet fun, job I had in college was being a male nanny "Manny" for six months for a family with two boys ages 7 and 12.I have enjoyed being involved and working with many ministries that have brought me all around the world to places like India, Indonesia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Australia. 


Why Training Ground?  I have been involved with TG since it began because I know God has set this ministry apart to do a work that is essential to the Kingdom of God. In my own story, I have needed (and still need) fathering, coaching, mentoring and training. There are not many places that offer anything like the ministry of TG to young men. Let's be honest, training and discipling young men is not a valued action in our world or church culture. Yet without it, we all suffer and with it, there is great good that can be unleashed! We see the effects of the lack of true fathered masculinity everywhere we look if we would have eyes to see and ears to hear. Imagine the effect of 100 good men on this planet...the results would be staggering and the revolution is already happening. I love what Cory, Brett, and Lee, along with all the counselors and guides are doing for these young men in getting them closer to the man God has created them to be.