Meet a Guide: Dr. Paul Penley

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado (Raised in Wisconsin and Illinois)


Family: Paul is married to Christi Penley and they have three biological children and two foster children.


Interests: I studied Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, German and French so I could master the art and science of interpreting Scripture accurately in undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. Then, I traveled to Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Greece as I completed a Ph.D. from Trinity's Divinity School. I've presented my biblical and historical research in college courses and national scholars' meetings, at Sunday school classes and church retreats, at Bible conference centers and small groups. I've worked philanthropically in Uganda, Kenya, Kosovo, Mexico, Bolivia, and beyond.

Occupation: Director of Research at Excellence in Giving

Dr. Penley performs research and outcome-based evaluations of non-profit organizations to inform effective grant making strategies. He has refined methods for nonprofit due diligence. He has also published and presented his work at community foundations, the Philanthropy Roundtable, the Council on Foundations, OUTCOMES magazine, the Stanford Social Innovation Review and Alliance magazine. Paul has developed evaluative formulas for assessing the cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency of product delivery within programs of mercy and justice. These activities demonstrate his commitment to finding the most effective projects around the world and guiding clients toward successful philanthropic investments.


Why Training Ground?

Each young man gets a simple model for understanding and applying the Bible as we explore the actions of Jesus in his cultural context. It changes the assumptions we have about how to use the Bible and provides a pathway for reenacting ancient biblical actions in culturally fitting ways today. In every summer program, participants get the rush of understanding passages that meant nothing to them before. I hope my learning and life can benefit each TG participant who dives into the Bible alongside me.


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