Meet a Guide: Ron Smith
Colorado Springs, CO 



Wife, Carol, oldest son, Ryan, living with us and his wife and two little grandsons! Son, Craig, is traveling the world, playing the saxophone on cruise ships.



Ron is a 40-year veteran of clinical social work, of which 36 years have been private practices. Ron's boss is very generous with his schedule and allows him to fish 2-3 times a week! Ron also served as an officer in the US Navy during Vietnam and received the "purple testicle" medal.  


Why TG?

I gained so much as a young person being in church and the variety of experiences it offered. I want to return the favor to today's young men by exposing them to the Lord in the setting of the mountains, its streams and lakes. Catching, landing and releasing trout is such a great metaphor for exposing men to the traits of strength combined with gentleness that we can carry into the relationships of our daily lives.


I often learn more from the trainees then they learn from me, and they help to keep me young and pushing myself to stay active. I have been a TG Guide since the inception of Training Ground and have been looking most of my life to be a part of a program that is comprehensive and features so much activity in nature. I know that this program has changed the world in its own special way, and I hope to see it grow and yet retain its intimate and personal flavor.


Contact information:

Phone 719.593.9243